Disney Garden at Dollar General

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for Disney stuff when I am out and about. This past weekend, Chef Charming (the husband) and I decided we would pop into Dollar General around the corner from our house. I will admit, we rarely go there as it is almost off the beaten path and it should be noted that this post is definitely not sponsored by Dollar General, although if anyone knows how we can make that happen, I’m all ears. I digress, but, to my surprise, I found some adorable Disney garden items, at Dollar General of all places.

This got me thinking, how many places carry stuff like this, and how can we spread the Disney love and let it grow, like a garden? See what I did there? – I am not sure if every state has a Dollar General, but I did a little research for you fine TMSM readers, and Dollar General will ship items to you. Oh the magic of the internet! So, if you have ever dreamed of setting up your own little garden in your Disney home with adorable statues of Mickey, Minnie, and even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I highly recommend that you check out Dollar General.

My favorite part is that the prices for these items are relatively reasonable. I know World of Disney often has garden stuff, and you can occasionally find Disney Garden items at th e outlet stores, but why wait to find it, when you now know that places like Dollar General carry Disney garden items? I will also share that the quality of the items is great, they hold some weight to them, and they look sturdy for outdoor spaces.

I also found an assortment of tiny garden items that you can use to build what people call “fairy gardens”. Check out the pics below, and if you have a Dollar General in your area, make sure to check out what Disney treasures they carry, or order some online!


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