Can’t get enough of Disney? Can’t get enough of  The Main Street Mouse? Did you know we have a YouTube Channel with hundreds of amazing videos that will make you feel like you are back in the magic?  Don’t know how to find us on YouTube? Follow along and we’ll take it step-by-step so you don’t miss a minute of the fun!

You can download the YouTube app (Google Play or I tunes) and search for The Main Street Mouse or use this link to go to the website

Now you have access to view all of the great videos we post, but let’s not stop there! So you don’t miss any of our new videos, make sure you subscribe to the page by clicking the red ‘SUBSCRIBE’. The location of the Subscribe button will depend on the device. on a phone, it will be below the TMSM logo; on a computer it will be on the right side beside the name.


Now that you’ve subscribed, you’ll want to get your notification set up! This means if we go live or upload an amazing new video, you will get notified! Now you really won’t miss a thing! It’s so simple to do! Simply tap (or click) the bell and you’re good to go!


Find a video you like and want to share it? That’s simple too!  Push that share button and let your friends know about our amazing channel. You can share to multiple social media platforms from here so no one will miss out!


We hope this guide helps you easily find and subscribe so you don’t miss a beat of the Disney news we share!

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