While I was at Dragon Con I got to interview Christian Kane. He is not only an notable actor, but also an amazing country singer. I’ve  been a huge fan of Christian since I saw him in the MTV movie Love Song, where he starred alongside Monica. Christian has enjoyed a great career not only on TV with roles in hit shows Leverage and The Librarians, but he’s also had a great career on the silver screen in Summer Catch and Secondhand Lions.

TMSM: With Disney in the process of buying Fox, it’s possible that the role of a certain mutant could be recast. How do you feel about the possibility of being Wolverine?

Christian: They have to do it. Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine and there is no getting a way from that. Hugh Jackman is like 6’3. He’s a tall guy, he’s all this other stuff. I’m 5’10 but in real life Wolverine is 5’6. I’ve got the angryness down and the fighting skills down. It’s just a character I’d really like to get into. I don’t know who’s gonna fill the role because Hugh Jackman did such a great job, but why not take a shot on me.

TMSM: With The Librarians being cancelled is there any possibility of it being picked up?

Christian: Not quite sure about a possibility of it being picked up. People have moved on to different stuff. There is always a possibility. Dean is talking about doing something. I know Noah has expressed his interest in doing a movie. I don’t know if it would be a movie of the week or on the big screen. The Librarians is 12 years old. Noah created it so I don’t see it going away.

TMSM: Is there any possibility of seeing Leverage return?

Christian: Leverage is actually closer to being a reality than The Librarians. Everyone is kind of in on it. I just had dinner with Tim Hutton, he wants to do it. Dean wants to do it. The whole cast just got to dinner the other night. We all sat down and were all talking about it. It’s such a huge possibility. I gotta be honest with you, at some point it’s gonna become a certainty. There is no way that’s gonna disappear.

TMSM:  Athletically, what do you do to prepare for roles?

Christian: Growing up I lived in Texas and Oklahoma so I played football my whole life, and I also wrestled and played a little baseball. I was fortunate that 6 months out of Oklahoma I was cast in a movie and just never stopped. I learned so much by watching movies. I’m an athletic guy and still play sports but you learn to act by acting. My favorite quote is by Bruce Lee “you learn to fight by fighting” its the same thing, you learn to act by acting.

My favorite teachers were the movies. So all the fight stuff and sports stuff, I watched other people. I choreographed a lot of stuff, I’ve learned a lot of disciplines, never one I stuck with because I was so amazed by how many different ones there are.  I watched Jean-Claude Van Dame and Tom Bearinger and Charlie Sheen in Major Leauge. You watch sports, you watch football. I’m a mimic. I try to chameleon my way into other people’s bodies. There is not a thing in my brain or my body that tells me I can’t do something. If I see something, I instantly know I can do it. I know it’s stupid to say but it works for me. If you need me to jump off this bridge, hit this car and role into the water for some reason my brain won’t tell my body I can’t do it.

TMSM: Musically, what can we expect in the future?

Christian: I’m working on a few new songs. I’m also talking with Dean very heavily about another project we are working on. I just finished up an episode of SWAT. I got hired on to be a stunt guy. I’m an actor on the show but they wanted me to do the fighting and do my own stunts, so I got to work with Charlie Brewer who I work for years with on Leverage.

TMSM: One of our staff members is a huge hockey fan and wanted to know about the episode of Leverage where you had to play hockey. Is that something that came natural or no?

Christian: I’ve never been on a pair of skates in my life. I literally never been on skates in my life. I went out a month early to Portland before any other actors and I learned to skate. I went to the rink everyday. The first 3 days I held onto the wall and finally I picked it up. I learned to skate. I learned to skate backwards. Now, not hockey. It was the 3rd episode up and I learned it. So that’s something I do. If you give me an obstacle, I go early and I learn how to do it. I didn’t know how to skate and I learned how to do it in a month. They set up a shot where I had to do some stuff. The hardest thing to do is fight with skates on. If you notice I fell but I went with it and got back up. Just skating around was terrifying but I had to learn it or they’d “stunt” me.

TMSM: At The Main Street Mouse we love our food and our dance music. What is your favorite food and what is your favorite dance song?

Christian: I can wrap anything in a tortilla. I love California Mexican. I love the fresh stuff I also love getting greasy with the Texas Mexican. I just love anything in a tortilla. I can put anything in a tortilla and be happy. That is my go to especially at home. So burritos are my favorite. Dance music when I gotta dance. That’s a great question. A tough question. Saturday Nights are Alright for Fighting by Elton John. Every time I hear that song everything just releases from my body and I feel great.

Thank you Christian,  for taking the time for speaking with me. Be on the lookout for his upcoming projects and check out his album The House Rules on ITunes.

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  1. Thank you for this interview. I really appreciate it. As a major Christian Kane fan myself. It is great to hear about the new stuff & projects in the works. Also happy you had the opportunity to meet & interview Christian. You had great questions.

    A Kane fan

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