A New Year, a New Hope


A New Year, a New Hope by Erika


If you are visiting The Main Street Mouse it’s surely because you love all things Disney, and we thank you for your love and support. As this year ends and the time to reflect draws near, I shift us to looking at Disney as a whole. It’s important to recognize what we call the ‘Disney-sphere’ for more than just what we automatically associate the word “Disney” with, and what better time to share that knowledge than now.

There is a time honored tradition that so many participate in each year as the last days of December creep up; the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. You may not have sat down yet to make your resolutions or you may find that after the events of 2017, resolutions seem hopeless. However, if you’re struggling to find some resolutions that will matter, or may stick, I suggest taking a look at The Walt Disney Company for a little inspiration.

The Walt Disney Company is more than just theme parks, movies, TV shows and memorable characters. First and foremost, it’s a business, but that business built a model around initiatives rooted in integrity and ethics. Disney’s span touches upon ventures such as, Environmental Conservation, Human Rights, Community, Healthy Living, Philanthropy and so much more. Disney is an industry leader in inspiring people with their brand of “Citizenship” that guides the actions of the company and their efforts to promote the happiness and wellbeing of people, and strive for a brighter tomorrow.

If you resolve to do anything this coming year, let Disney be your guide. How do you do that? Start with understanding the Disney Citizenship motto “Be Inspired”. Disney incorporates five main components of that motto into their business model, which all strive to make a difference in the world, but they can just as well be incorporated into resolutions.

  1. Act Responsibly: This means doing the right thing. Be ethical, be fair, and be respectful. We live in a world of differences which makes each and every one of us unique. If we act responsibly, practice a little more tolerance towards those differences, we could drive positive change on a global scale. This is by far no easy task, but it’s a long term investment plan that you can count on making you feel good.
  2. Live Healthier: Whether that be eat more fruits and veggies, start taking a fitness class, walk around the Seven Seas Lagoon 3 times on your trips; resolve to live healthier. Living healthy isn’t just about your body, it’s also about your mind. The late and great Carrie Fisher was an advocate for lifting the stigma on mental illness and making room for those conversations to normalize what many people struggle with on a daily basis. To live healthier, take care of your body and your mind.
  3. Strengthen Community: People make dreams come true, it’s the individuals that step up and lead who really make the magic happen. In the New Year, resolve to give back to your community. It only takes one person being inspired to bring positive and lasting change by collaborating with local organizations. You can strengthen your community by giving your time, or making a charitable donation.
  4. Conserve Nature: Make it your goal to use resources wisely, recycle, and reduce your impact on the environment. The Walt Disney Company does this with using recycled materials throughout their parks and through the Worldwide Conservation Fund that supports hundreds of projects protecting Nature and conserving the planet for future generations.
  5. Think Creatively: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Innovation is a cornerstone of the Disney philosophy, and just about anything can be solved if you choose to think creatively. Walt once said “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”, and truer words were never spoken. So resolve to challenge yourself this coming year to motivate others, think outside the box, and harness the power of creativity to help improve your day to day, and make an impact on the world around you.

If you’ve read all of this and are feeling incredibly motivated to kick off 2017, but don’t know where to start, check out Disney’s website on Citizenship: http://citizenship.disney.com/

I truly hope you are inspired in 2018. From my family to yours, I wish everyone a very happy, positive and prosperous new year.


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