TMSM’s Best of 2017 ~ Flight of Passage at Pandora! My Review! #Visit Pandora

Our Best of 2017 series continues….

As most of you know, we were able to check out the all new area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora the World of Avatar. It’s absolutely beautiful, and contains two new rides, Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage. The River Journey is a serene boat ride with awesome effects, I’ll share the link below in case you missed it. Flight of Passage however, is a high tense ride perfect for thrill fans!

The queue line for Flight of Passage is an attraction in itself. Guests can see various props and such while they’re waiting for the ride. Our group was impressed with the lab room, especially this guy, he’s huge~

Once you make it to the front of the line, you’ll be divided up into groups. The numbers go as follows ~

4 different screens
Each screen has 3 levels
Each level has 16 seats
A total of 48 riders go each time per screen

Before you actually get in the room with the ride, there are the pre-show videos explaining what the ride is about. You actually get matched with an avatar so that you can ride a Banshee, just like the Na’vi! Once you finally get seated, you’re sitting on what looks almost like a bike or motorcycle. Your legs and back get locked in, then the process of matching you with an avatar begins. It’s very high tech. The Cast Members will tell you to put ALL loose items in the bins on the wall behind you, even items in your pockets! Take a look at the seats below!

People have been confused as to what Flight of Passage is like. My best description? It’s a cross between Soarin’ at Epcot and Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. It’s a lot more intense though than the other two, so keep that in mind. Flight of passage is very interactive, you can feel the Banshee “breathing” by your legs, it’s like you’re actually on his back. I have had readers ask me about motion issues… Well, I want to give an honest review so here it goes. If you have issues with motion sickness, please take medication ahead of time. My younger son and I both get motion sickness at times, so we took Dramamine a few hours before riding Flight of Passage. I was glad that we did, as I did feel a pinch woozy at times, but I just closed my eyes. Speaking of eyes, riders wear 3D glasses as well. The ride itself is just over 4 minutes long, and is quite revolutionary in what they have accomplished. It’s an amazing ride! Pandora, The World of Avatar opens to the public on Memorial Day Weekend! Be sure to check it out, you’ll be amazed too!

Ride the Na’vi River Journey below!

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