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The Walt Disney World Railroad is a special part of the Magic Kingdom and represents Walt himself. There is a lot of history in those steam engines. Let’s take a look at some neat facts about the Walt Disney World Railroad.

  • One of the opening day attractions
  • 4 steam engine trains in total
  • Manufactured by Baldwin Automotive Works of Philadelphia
  • Made between 1915 – 1928
  • Originally made for United Railways of Yucatan
  • Spent the early years hauling sugar and jute through the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Restored & repainted for opening day in 1971
  • Restoration took over 2 years
  • Fireboxes were reconfigured to burn diesel oil for fuel to generate steam
  • 1st attraction to be completed at Magic Kingdom
  • Consumes 25 gallons of fuel and 200 gallons of water per hour
  • Track is 1.5 miles long around Magic Kingdom
  • Stations at Main Street USA, Frontierland, and Fantasyland
  • Each train has a name and number: #1 – Walter E. Disney, #2 – Lilly Belle (after Lillian Disney), #3 – Roger E. Broggie (Imagineer), #4 – Roy Disney
  • Each locomotive pulls 5 passenger cars with a seating capacity of 75 per car for a total of 375 guests per train
  • Over 3.7 million passengers ride each year

Is the train a must do for you and your family?

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