You’ve booked your cruise. Paid it off. Checked in online. Booked your excursions. What else is left to do? Make decorations for your door, of course! Decorating your stateroom door on a Disney cruise is not only fun, it lets you distinguish your door from the rest of the doors on your deck.  So pull out your craft supplies and get ready to show your Disney side!

Before getting started it’s important to know the rules. Yes, Disney does have rules regarding the door decorations. This is to make sure the doors and wood aren’t damaged. You should also keep in mind that this is a family friendly environment, so kid friendly content should be displayed. Over-the-door decorations are not allowed, and tape or any other kind of adhesives are frowned upon. Now, you’re probably wondering how to decorate your door without the use of tape or adhesive. Good news! The doors on the cruise ships are metal (except concierge level on Dream & Fantasy), so magnets are the way to go! Magnets can be found at your local craft store, come in all shapes and sizes, and so much can be done with them.

There are a few things to take into consideration when determining what magnets you want to create for your stateroom door. Things like what type of cruise you are going on, what do you and your travel companions like, who are your favorite characters, where you are from, what season is it, are you celebrating anything and what boat you are on can all help you design your magnets.

Another thing to remember is that the magnets have to travel with you. Having too many or ones that are too big can be cumbersome to carry and take up unnecessary room in your luggage.  To keep them in the best shape, I recommend laminating your magnets. If you don’t have a laminator available, head to the office supply store and pick up some self-adhesive sheets. This will allow you to get that sturdy, laminated look and finish.

If you plan on going on multiple cruises, create some magnets that you can use on each cruise. One of the most popular ideas is to make name tags magnets for everyone in your stateroom. Templates can be used or you can create your own by cutting out a Mickey shaped head for each person and using sticker letters for the name. This adds to the personalization of your door.

Although photo editing programs and electronic cutting machines are useful, they aren’t necessary to create fantastic magnets. Card stock paper, scissors, markers, and glue can create some really fun magnets! You can also check out your local craft store, who often carry Disney crafting items like fabric, ribbon, stickers, scrapbook paper, and other fun items that can be used to create your magnets.

If you have access to a computer and printer, there are a ton of images online that you can turn into a magnet. Find your favorite images, print them on cardstock paper, laminate them, and attached a magnet to the back. Voila! You have a magnet! There are also forums and pages online dedicated to stateroom door decorations that have some great templates and magnet ideas.

Not a crafty person? Don’t worry! There are plenty of online stores that sell customized magnets for your stateroom door! You can also go to our website for some customized TMSM magnet ideas! Let your imagination run wild! Happy crafting and even happier cruising!

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