Who remembers the morning show that used to take place every morning to open Magic Kingdom? It was my absolute favorite! The Mayor of Main Street, USA would come out and welcome everyone, the dancers/singers would perform, the train would roll in with the characters, and that one family would walk out to join in the countdown. How lucky were those people that got picked? Speaking from experience, super lucky!

I had always dreamed of being the family that got picked. I had no idea my dream was about to come true! It was August 31, 2011. It was my sons first trip to Walt Disney World and we had been visiting for two weeks, but this was our last park day. We arrived at Magic Kingdom early (we’re talking 7:30 am) and there were a few people already there. I saw 2 Cast Members walking slowly, perusing the crowd, and I knew it was my chance. I walked up to them and asked if they had selected a family to open the park. They hadn’t! They asked a few questions, met my husband and son, and told us we were opening the park! I honestly couldn’t believe it! It was my lucky day (and it was my birthday)!

The next hour seemed surreal. We got whisked away by a Cast Member and taken into the park. It was empty. I’ve never been in the park when it was closed. We posed for pictures in front of the train station, got to ride in the fire engine down Main Street, USA to the castle, and got pictures in front of the castle. From there we went rode back to the train station, went upstairs and met all of the performers. I finally got to show off my skills by demonstrating how much of the morning show dance I knew. We got to meet the Mayor of Main Street, USA and got pictures with him and the performers. Then it was show time!

In the past, the selected family got to ride the train around. I’m not sure when it changed, but we were instructed to walk across a platform, through the train, and onto the stage. The look on my sons face when he saw Mickey Mouse was priceless. The magic in the eyes of the crowd, the excitement in the air as we counted down to opening….it was nothing less than amazing!

It saddens me that the morning show was replaced and no other families will get to experience the magic we did. It was my all-time favorite day at Walt Disney World and continues to be my favorite Disney memory. I’ll continue to make memories each visit, but I’m not sure anything will ever top this day.

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