You’re going to Disney again? Isn’t it expensive? How do you afford to go so much? Don’t you want to go somewhere else? Why do you keep going back to the same place? Haven’t you done everything there already? Don’t you hate the crowds? Isn’t it hot? Have you ever thought about going to (insert vacation destination here)? UGH!

How many of you have heard these questions before? Most of you have probably heard them more than once. People have a hard time understanding our love of Disney and question why we continue to go back year after year and why we miss it when we aren’t there. The best reason I can come up with to explain it is what I call ‘The Disney Touch’ and there is nothing that compares. Those that have been will understand.

As soon as you arrive on Disney property, the difference is immediately noticeable. The roads are nicely paved, the landscaping meticulously groomed, and there is a magic in the air you breathe. It’s a feeling like no other. It transports you to a different place; a different world even. I would say it’s similar to the feeling that people who love the beach get when they breathe in the ocean air. There’s just something about it.

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At Disney, a birthday isn’t just another day, it’s a reason to celebrate, wear a button, and have 500 (or more) of your closest strangers wish you a happy birthday. It’s the same for anniversaries, newlyweds, engagements, and just about anything else you can think of! Disney and their employees will go out of their way to make your day special. From celebration buttons to personalized menus, no detail will go unnoticed. When you are at Disney, every day is reason to celebrate, whether you have a reason to celebrate or not!

Think back to your last trip. The feeling you get when you watch the opening ceremony at the Magic Kingdom, giving high-fives to the Cast Members that line Main Street USA, your first view of the castle, the parades, the fireworks! The smells, the sights, the sounds! The entire thing is a well-staged production from beginning to end.

After a day at the parks, you return to your room. But it’s not just at any hotel. It’s at a themed getaway like no other. You can go from the Africa to the Caribbean, the French Quarter to the Polynesian Isles, Mexican ruins to a lodge in the wilderness. There is an option for every taste and budget. Disney spares no expense in making sure each guest is transported to the appropriate time and place by ensuring every single detail, down to curtains and carpet, matches the resort theme.

In addition to all of the beauty that is Disney property, the customer service is above and beyond any you can find. The Cast Members are part of the magical experience, and they go to extreme measures to make sure every stay at Disney is a good one. It starts from the first phone call and doesn’t end until you arrive home. Even then you get card from Disney thanking you for your visit!

That, my friends, is how I describe ‘The Disney Touch’. It’s the little details that go into everything Disney does. It’s an experience that I have not had anywhere else in the world and that is why I will continue to go back.

What do you think Disney does best? How do you describe ‘The Disney Touch’ to those that question you?

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