On Memorial Day, my family and I got the opportunity to ride the brand new third track for Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios.  I just wanted to share some pictures of this awesome new area with all of you!

The entry to the new Que area is quite something to behold.  The ride entrance comes out of Andy’s closet through a 3 story tall door.


After you walk around the door it opens up into Andy’s bedroom.  The new track is made to look like the ride is underneath Andy’s bed.IMG_3422IMG_3405IMG_3414IMG_3410IMG_3425 IMG_3430

After you are done racking up points you exit through a hallway that is decorated with Andy’s coloring pages.  It brings you out right next to where the back lot tour used to be.

IMG_3424 IMG_3427IMG_3409IMG_3407IMG_3416IMG_3418 IMG_3421IMG_3428

This new area is very well done and appears to have drastically shortened the wait times.  We only waited 20 minutes, but that may not be the norm.  Only time will tell if this new addition will help speed up the lines.

Have you had a chance to ride the new track? Let us know what you think!



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