We all have daily stress that we deal with.  Money problems, work issues, a fight with our significant other, a bad grade on a report card, and the list goes on and on.  It can be overwhelming and cause us to lose any positive outlook on life.  Believe me, I have had my fair share of things that distract and discourage me.  But this is why I so dearly love all things Disney.  Whether it be watching a classic movie like Lion King or simply walking into the Disney store at the mall, that little mouse has a magical way of making me forget about the cares of life.  For a brief moment in time I have been swept away to a world where anything is possible, and Magic is real.  Now some may say this is denial and a mechanism to not cope with the real issues at hand, but I disagree on behalf of myself as well as the average person.  Yes, as with any activity, there are people who “Might” take it to an unhealthy extreme but the majority of us need this time to detach and regroup.  Not only that but it allows us to connect with other people who share the same love for Disney.  I never fully understood how important this was until I found this awesome Ohana here at TMSM.  It has allowed me to meet some truly awesome people, and even better, has brought some additions to our “Family”.

M's Bday

If you notice I have not even mentioned the parks to this point. The reason being is because not everyone has the ability to go on a regular basis, and the reality is that the vast majority may only get to go a handful of times in their life.  But when you are part of a large family like this you have the great pleasure of experiencing the parks without actually being there.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen pictures from someones vacation and my own personal memory of that experience comes flooding back.  This is what makes Disney movies and parks so endearing.  They have the ability to bring back emotions that you may have forgotten.  That is why people cry when they hear their favorite song on a Disney special or when watching “Wishes” on YouTube.


That brings us to the ultimate escape…. GOING TO DISNEY WORLD/LAND!  I completely understand that I among the fortunate who live close to Disney World and have been able to go many times, but this does not change the fact that I get butterflies every time I step foot in one of the parks.  The anticipation of experiencing my favorite ride or attraction never fades.  Once you enter the gates all of the cares of life melt away and you have been transported to “Other Worldly Heights”.  The “Magic” flows freely in the streets and you have a sense of being at home.  A place you can relax and truly be yourself.  Inhibition is thrown out the window as you don your favorite Mickey ears or Goofy hat.  I love to watch the wide eyed wonder of adults who have either never been, or had come as a child, as they explore this Wonderful World of Disney.  And there is nothing more beautiful than watching an adult and a child have the same reaction the first time they meet Mickey Mouse.

These connections are what truly makes Disney “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

Have a Magical Day- Greg


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