Disney Snack Spotlight ~ Maleficent Cake Pop, Hollywood Studios


With so many amazing treats at Disney Parks, I decided to start spotlighting some of our favorites so our readers can be on the lookout for them, and have something to look forward to. First up, the Maleficent cake pop at Hollywood Studios!

My younger son has become a self proclaimed Disney cake pop aficionado. Every time I let the boys pick a snack, he goes for the cake pops. So the last time we were at Hollywood Studios, we were looking through the treat cases and he spotted Maleficent, and that’s what he got. The Maleficent cake pop is chocolate cake, topped with delicious chocolate coating, and even has horns. Lets talk about the horns. Maleficent’s horns are actually chocolate covered pretzels, which is an awesome added touch! Two thumbs up from the little guy!

You can find various themed cake pops across Disney property, and all are pretty good. The next time you go to the Studios, give Maleficent a try for your snack choice. You’ll be glad that you did!

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