As I sit here thinking of the awesome Dapper Day we were able to attend this past weekend it brought back to mind my very first article for TMSM.  My how time has flown and the obsession gotten worse.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that Disney would have such a huge impact on my life.  Over the last three years I have found myself referring to “Home” at least once a day (and that is a low number).  Not only do I LOVE Disney, it has brought some pretty spectacular people into my life that I may not have met otherwise.


Disney has not only introduced me to new people that live around the world, it has also brought my family closer to people from our church…  The Bryan’s go to our church and have become pretty awesome friends.  (Even the crazy lady in the big hat creeping behind me in the picture below)   There are other people in our church that we share the love of Disney with and we have become known as the “Disney Nuts”. It is a pretty cool title if I do say so myself.


Some of the most amazing people we have met are Michele and Scott Atwood and their awesome boys.  If you have not had the pleasure of meeting these fantastic Disney lovers you are truly missing out.  Scott has become one of my closest friends for which I am truly grateful.  We share the love of Nerd stuff and a passion for making this site and ohana the best it can be.  While everyone knows Michele, Scott is the man behind the curtain.


Speaking of our fearless leader, you will not find a more genuine and caring person than Michele.  Her heart truly is big enough to love each and everyone of her followers.  Not only does she love her Ohana but she is the exact same person face to face as she is online; Genuine.  I was recently reminded of how blessed we are to have friends like Michele and Scott, and the status that they have achieved through this site.  My brother was telling me about some main streeter’s he met at the Disney store.  They asked if he had ever met the Atwoods and he said “Yes, they have become good friends”.  Per his account they were stunned.  It was like they had met the inner circle…LOL!


I have personally seen this type of reaction in the parks. One time in particular we were walking through MK and someone stopped her because they recognized her.  Well after talking for a few minutes we continued walking.  For some reason I was at the back of the party and noticed a family looking and pointing in her direction.  As we passed each other I confirmed their suspicions and we parted ways.  As I caught up to the group I told her that she had been recognized again. Well, if you know me at all you know I am slightly sarcastic so she totally thought I was messing with her.  This just goes to show how humble she truly is.  I am amazed every time she meets a TMSM fan, it is like she is the one meeting a celebrity!  I have witnessed tears and hugs for the ones who make it all possible.


So as I look back over the last three years I realize that my love of Disney would not be the same without TMSM!  This truly is a family and I will always and forever hold their love for all things Disney in my heart.


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