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Walking in Walt’s Footsteps

Walking in Walt's Footsteps 1 Happy Thursday and Welcome Back Main Streeters. Have you ever wondered where the inspiration for Main Street U.S.A. came from? I had always thought it came from Walt’s beautiful imagination, but this week I learned something new and boy do I have a very special blog to share with you as I am writing this on Mountain Time direct from Colorado. Why am I in Colorado? Well, my husband (Chef Charming) planned this Continue Reading

Own Your Own Disney Brick

Own Your Own Disney Brick 5 With the brand new changes coming to the guest entrance areas of Magic Kingdom and the Ticket and Transportation Center, Disney has announced that the Walk Around the World bricks will start being removed soon. These hexagonal bricks were once available for purchase, and so many Disney fans in general jumped on the opportunity to have their names etched as a piece of history at the park. These treasured bricks felt Continue Reading

A Look at the Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

A Look at the Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour 10 The bronze Partner’s statue of Walt Disney holding Mickey’s hand right smack in the middle of the hub grass is a well known Disney landmark at the Magic Kingdom. Walt’s image stands stoic with his open hand extended in the air as if conjuring some kind of magic down Main Street giving the impression that this visionary’s work is just beginning. You can almost hear him whisper “Picture this Mickey Continue Reading

Can You Ever Be Too Old for Disney?

Can You Ever Be Too Old for Disney? 13   If you’re like me then you’ve probably heard this before. You are to old for Disney. Even better, that Disney is just for kids.  Well, if you are reading this then you either agree with me or you are trying to figure out my point of view.   I will start 36 1/2 years ago on November 18th, yes Mickey’s birthday, the day I was born. Yes, you could say I was born with Disney in my blood. I sp Continue Reading

Enjoying the moment….. and counting days. #flashbackfriday

Enjoying the moment..... and counting days. #flashbackfriday 15 Flashback Friday! Granted, we live here in Florida now, but this blog that I wrote awhile back really reminds me of how a lot of people feel, because that’s how it was for me! I hope you enjoy this look back! ~M So, there you are, you just finished booking your Disney Vacation, and my gosh are you excited! Now the planning begins, and so does the waiting. You start to look at your calendar, and try to decide Continue Reading

See What’s New at BASIN, Disney Springs! #DisneySprings

See What's New at BASIN, Disney Springs! #DisneySprings 16 Basin, Disney Springs! Basin is one on my most favorite shops at Disney Springs. The fragrance coming from the store is something you can smell in the air before even approaching, it’s awesome. This past weekend I browsed through Basin to see what they had that was new, and I thought I’d share my findings with you! Of course they have all their fresh cut fragrance soap, and now they have Fall scents. T Continue Reading

Attention Small Business Owners! Check Out Our TMSM Marketplace! Details below!

Attention Small Business Owners! Check Out Our TMSM Marketplace! Details below! 18 We launched this great opportunity earlier this year, here’s the scoop! Attention Etsy shop owners, crafters, small business owners, etc…. We have a new spot on our site to help spread the word and advertise in a cost effective way! Check out our new TMSM Marketplace! You can build and customize your own advertisement! All we ask is that it’s done for family friendly shops and services! It can be Continue Reading

TMSM Cares ~ Signs of Heat Exhaustion

TMSM Cares ~ Signs of Heat Exhaustion 19 It’s be dangerously hot here in Central Florida this week, very dry, no rain.  I’m re-posting this article from last summer as a way to remind people to watch for signs of being overheated and to stay hydrated! Be safe! ~M It’s been brutally hot here in Central Florida, and other places around the country. As you know, the crowds at Disney World can create even more heat, and sometimes walking t Continue Reading

More Fees Coming To Walt Disney World

More Fees Coming To Walt Disney World 20 Have you heard?? You’ve heard of the parking increases, charging for special events during Extra Magic Hours, food pricing increases, etc. Well, we’re learning of other fees coming to the Parks soon that you will want to be prepared for. Here’s what we’re hearing~ ~Disney will be charging $.10 for ice water instead of free cups at walk ups. ~At Epcot, they’re going to start charging p Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Castles and Ice Cream #fortheloveofFran

TMSM's Adventures in Florida Living ~ Castles and Ice Cream #fortheloveofFran 21 It’s Wednesday night, and of course it’s time for our weekly check in. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest, then you know that this past weekend, our site, and our group of friends lost someone dear to us, Fran. I wrote about her the other day, but yes, she’ll be a part of this weeks update too! In the past week, we have sort of been on standby, waiting to hear news about our friend F Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Walt Disney ~ Thoughts from TMSM Avenger

Happy Birthday Walt Disney ~ Thoughts from TMSM Avenger 28 Being that today we have been celebrating the birth of Walter Elias Disney, I wanted to write something more personal and meaningful. It’s no secret that Walt Disney is a hero of mine, as I’m sure he is for many who read this.  I started to think, why exactly is he my hero? What thing did Walt do specifically that made me think of him in this regard?  I mean, Walt accomplished so much in his short li Continue Reading
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