Hello Main Streeters, Happy Thursday and welcome back. If you have been a collector of Disney movies and you currently have a stockpile of rare and unopened VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray copies of classic animated films thinking they are going to one day provide you with a huge monetary payout. I have some news for you, it’s time to put them up for sale right now, or consider them a nice collectible with possibly little market value once the Disney+ streaming service launches.

With the new platform being launched, Disney’s famed “Vault” becomes obsolete as Bob Iger has gone on record confirming that Disney+ will house the entire Disney motion picture library. So no more digging through your movie collection to find your copy of Cool Runnings.

The so-called “Disney Vault” includes some the studio’s most coveted and cherished animated properties including The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Aladdin, and The Lion King. The Vault idea stems from the films being re-released every few years onto home video, a tactic that that generates interest and drives up sales by creating the idea of scarcity.

If there is anything we know about Disney it’s that they always have a long term plan in place. So if putting the whole Disney library on Disney+ is making the Vault a thing of the past, what will happen with new movies? Can we expect Disney to continue manufacturing and selling copies of movies for home entertainment, or pull the plug on that option which in turn forces fans to subscribe to the platform to watch new releases?

What about all the magical Disney Movie Rewards you collect for purchasing physical copies of new releases?

I guess we will have to wait and see how lucrative the platform becomes, and what kind of interest it generates with fans who will be able to access every movie.

Tell us main streeters, how do you feel about the Disney Vault closing forever? We would love to get your feedback!

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