Hello Friends! The Thanksgiving leftovers are practically all gone, the Black Friday madness has died down, and all the Christmas decorations have taken over what seems like every major aisle in a variety of stores.

We at The Main Street Mouse are always on the look out for Disney related items that bring that extra bit of magic to your home decor. Sure, Disney Parks and the Disney Store have a fantastic variety of Christmas keepsakes that are exclusively available when you visit, but you don’t have to go to the parks or shop online to find that something special to adorn your home. Let my clue you in on a wonderful winter trend that will surely help you Disney Deck the Halls.

One of the easiest decorations to hit the market are inflatables. They are a no mess, no fuss, fun way to bring some Christmas cheer to the front of your home, a balcony, or a small space that needs that holiday touch. They are also reasonably priced depending on the size of your desired decoration. Inflatables range from 2 feet to a soaring 10, but with the size ranges come the price ranges. It may seem like an investment to spend upwards of $100 for a very large inflatable, but they last quite a few years, if properly taken care of.

Now you may be wondering where you can find these fun decorations, and what kind of inflatables are available?

Good news is that there is something for everyone. I have recently seen some Star Wars Inflatables available at stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Think an AT-AT wearing a Santa hat patrolling your front yard. Now, that’s an epic Christmas scene.

If you are looking for smaller inflatables that are more traditional Disney, Walmart has Mickey and Minnie air blown inflatables for $28.88. These adorable and iconic characters stand at a solid 5 feet tall. 

If you prefer to hang your stocking with scare versus care, lovers of The Nightmare Before Christmas can bring Jack Skellington in his Sandy Claws attire complete with Christmas stocking to life for the same price as Mickey and Minnie, but he stands a little taller. Not bad for a 25th anniversary inflatable, and at Walmart no less.

Share with us Main Streeters, have you seen these or other fun inflatables? Do you use them in your decor? We would love to see how you Disney Deck the Halls, until then, Happy Shopping and Decorating Friends!


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