Practicing Gratitude – A Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving Main Streeters! Thanks for checking in with us tonight! If you were lucky enough to be at a Disney park today, I hope you got to enjoy Disney’s famous and most delicious turkey leg with your loved ones. If you’re catching up with us from the comforts of your home and suffering from Disney withdrawals, I hope you’re watching TMSM’s YouTube channel to get your Disney fix. Don’t forget to subscribe as well. TMSM works hard to bring you the best content and the most accurate news, so we are grateful for our readers who keep trusting us to report from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Being that today is Thanksgiving, you can count on families everywhere sitting down at the dinner table to celebrate this time-honored tradition and giving thanks.  Sadly, it seems that the meaning of this holiday is being passed over more and more between Halloween and Christmas. Which begs the thought; how often do we really give thanks?

If you think about it, Disney is open 365 days a year (unless a hurricane decides to pay Florida a visit, or a national tragedy occurs). Even today on Thanksgiving cast members are working until midnight or later to bring guests the Magic of Disney. If you’re currently on property, have you taken a moment to say ‘thank you’ to a cast member? If you’re home, can you recall the last time you gave thanks and truly meant it?

Regardless of where you live, what religion you practice, if you’re young or old, or a man or a woman; a ‘thank you’ or being thankful is FREE (yes, free!), and most definitely not just reserved for one day a year. A ‘thank you’ no matter the circumstance can turn into a truly beautiful thing and make a difference in someone’s day or someone’s life. Being thankful can positively shift your mood, even if the only thing you can be thankful for on a particularly crummy day is Disney, and Disney alone. So before the year ends, and you decide on those New Year’s resolutions; I challenge you dear readers to spend 30 days giving thanks!

Just once a day for 30 days can significantly improve your motivation and mood, it also is a great tool to build a habit. Research says it takes a consistent 28 days of repeating an action to commit it to habit, and you know when the new year rolls around, and you want to stick to those resolutions, you’re going to need some proof that you can stick to something. Why not start early and board the gratitude train?

When you take the time to say ‘thanks’ or find that you are truly grateful for something; you never know what amazing things you may find along your journey, or what Disney magic you can encounter from a Cast Member who appreciates the simple act of a ‘thank you’.

Until next week!


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