While in the parks, do you ever make time to stop and enjoy the little things that bring out the magic? At the end of a long day of running from ride to ride, sometimes it’s just nice to stop and take in the beauty of the park. Nothing enhances the park more than the Florida sunset. Sunsets are one of my top 5 things to photograph, and I find myself chasing them all the time in the parks, especially during the golden hour. Golden hour is the time of day just before sunset or just after sunrise where the sky taken on a redder tone and the light is softer. This is the time of day that photographers love. Now, when you think of a sunset in the Magic Kingdom, usually it’s a picture of Cinderella Castle with the sun setting behind it. That is always the iconic go to spot for a sunset while in the Magic Kingdom. But did you know there are some other places that offer a stunning view of the sunset?


Adventureland offers an interesting view of the sun set.  You may not think of this area as being one to sit and watch the sun set. As the sun starts to go down the view of the Tiki Room, Aladdin’s magic Carpets and the palm trees are enhanced with the colors of the sun setting bring a new life to the area.  Walking through this area during the sunset bring the jungle to life and adds mystery to this adventurous land.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This one is may seem obvious due to its location in the park, but it is not often thought of as a place to watch the sunset. From the overlook area you can watch the ride as the sun sets enhancing the feeling that the wild west has come alive.


Since Tomorrowland is on the other side of the park, you wouldn’t think it being a good spot for a sunset, but it offers a unique perspective. Through the Metal Palm trees that soak up the sun for energy, the setting sun reminds us that there is always a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Rivers of America

When watching the sunset from the Rivers of America you are transported back to the past where steam boats rule the waters while people would sit by the river and wave to the travelers. The sun setting in this area reflecting off the water makes this one of my favorite spots to sit and take it in at the end of a busy day.

Maurice’s Cottage

If you know me then you know that this area is my favorite spot in the whole park. When I saw the view this area has at sunset it made me fall in love with it all over again. It’s a storybook setting come to life, and one that ensures a Happily Ever After.

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