Truth time; haven’t you always been curious, why do we keep coming back to Disney? We’ve been on the rides dozens of times, seen the fireworks from every possible viewing spot, walked down Main Street hundreds of times, did loser laps in the largest of parking lots trying to find the best spots, and yet, we keep coming back for more. Being of the inquisitive, research oriented mind I set out to discover what’s the Disney secret.

I found a post that sums up a lot of the sentiments I discovered in my research. This comes from a Disney discussion board:

“Disney parks are wildly immersive. For the most part Disney attractions tell a great story that lives on with visitors long after the thrills of the rides have faded into memory. Further, Disney seeks to entertain and educate, so not only do visitors get these amazing experiences that they remember for a lifetime, but after they leave there is almost always something about their visit that inspires them to learn more about a place they visited. For example, after people visit Expedition Everest (at least the way it used to be), how many of them will want to go back home and learn more about Nepal, and Mount Everest, and the legend of the Yeti? Or after experiencing Mission:Space and the surrounding pavilion, how many kids develop a deeper interest in becoming astronauts? In other words, Disney parks inspire people to do something, even after they leave the parks. Let’s face it, we all love other amusement parks and when we visit them we generally have a great time. But those visits don’t inspire us to go beyond the theme park and learn something new, we just go there for a good time and leave. But because Disney tries to entertain and educate, visitors are often inspired to continue their park adventures even after the vacation has ended.”

This explanation is a fantastic summary, but it’s missing one other element – Cast Members. The people who keep the magic going. They are the dreamers and doer’s even when it’s boiling hot, freezing cold, raining, or there is a hurricane bearing down on the park. Cast Members are an integral part of Disney operations, and often the unsung heroes of making a guest experience memorable.

Please share with us Main Streeters – what is the Disney Secret that keeps you coming back? Where have you experienced the most magic? We would love to hear from you!


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