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The Dilemma; you’ve come across all the articles from TMSM staffer Susie about Dapper Day, and you realize Dapper Day is this weekend, but you’ve got NOTHING to wear and no idea where to start. The Dapper Day Dash is on, but I’ve got great news for you. Pulling together a Dapper Day Outfit is easier than you think if you’ve got a little time, and some imagination.

First, it’s important to note that you can participate in Dapper Day even if you aren’t at Walt Disney World. Recently, there has been a spike in fans of the event dressing up in Dapper attire and taking some pictures while in their home towns just as a nod to this fashionable event that takes over the parks twice a year. With the addition of the Dress Shop at Disney Springs, some dresses popping up on Main Street, and the availability of on-line shopping through the parks app and other sites, it has never been easier to get your hands on some of the Disney licensed and endorsed dress styles for all your Dapper occasions. I haven’t seen much for the gentlemen yet, but I am sure Disney’s creative team is working on it.

My first and most reasonable tip is to tear through your closet before you run out and purchase something new. You never know if you may already have some articles of clothing that look dapper when accessorized properly. For example; got a red pencil skirt with white polka dots? Pair that with a black top, a yellow belt and boom, Bombshell Minnie Mouse. Just add some ears, maybe some white gloves, style your hair and you’re ready to storm Dapper Day. Now, what happens if you’ve torn your closet inside out and you still don’t have a thing to wear?

If you don’t have the magic of Amazon Prime for your Dapper Day adventures, which buyer beware: I have recently come to learn a Prime listing doesn’t mean or guarantee 2 day shipping, you can find some wonderful alternatives at local thrift shops and consignment stores. Personally, this is my favorite way of styling myself for Dapper Day. There is nothing like the feeling of finding the perfect circle skirt at a consignment shop, and knowing it’s vintage, plus you can always negotiate prices at a consignment shop, which makes the thrill of the find greater and so much sweeter.

Other places to look for vintage and dapper style pieces include Goodwill and the Salvation Army. It will take a little time to go through the racks and find something, but if you have the patience it’s incredible just what you’ll score. The only downside to using this method of shopping for Dapper day aside from the time it takes, is the firm price of clothing items, and the sometimes awkward sizing choices, for example, the perfect blue shirt you pick up says it’s a large, but it’s cut like an extra large. This is due to the fluctuating sizing norms that have dictated sizing proportions in the fashion industry. The best advice is to try it on and if you love it, snag it. Always make sure to wash it, just as you would with any new item of clothing you purchase.

Another Dapper Day Dash tip to help you create an ensemble is to find a Disney character and Dapper Bound in their likeness. This idea is derived from the DisneyBound movement that has been featured before on The Main Street Mouse. If this is the first time you are hearing of this fashion feature, allow me to fill you in. DisneyBounding is the art of creating a clothing ensemble that resembles the likeness of a Disney character using modern day clothing and accessories. It is not a costume. When you Dapper Bound you are exploring the same movement but with clothing that is considered dapper or era appropriate.

To participate in Dapper Day you absolutely don’t have to choose a Disney character to emulate, but it’s always fun and provides a focus when you are searching for clothing items that would serve to style you as your favorite Disney Princess, Hero or Villain.

With a little less than 48 hours left to Dapper Day, tell us Main Streeters, will you be celebrating at home or at the parks?


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