Star Tours And Star Wars Galactic Nights News

This morning, I was fortunate enough to be invited to experience the new scene that has been added to Star Tours attraction. The new scene puts you on to the planet known as Batuu.  From the trailer for the new film, The Last Jedi, you may remember the scene with the red dust as ships speed across the terrain to fight AT-ATs. Here is a quick overview of the ride now:

The opening of Star Tours attraction stayed the same as it has since The Force Awakens.  You’re in a hanger and the First Order is attempting to stop you from taking off as you have a Rebel Spy on your ship.  The Millenium Falcon in front of you takes off and you follow closely behind and your right in the middle of a fight of Imperial Star Destroyer ships.

Following the Falcon, you travel to Jakku and Finn appears on the screen tell you how to avoid the Tie Fighters.  After winning the battle on Jakku, our pilot C-3PO and R2 take us back into space.  This morning I was able to ride twice.  The first time, Maz Kanata appears and send the coordinates to Batuu.  The second time I rode, Poe Dameron appears in what I would say was one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen on Star Tours.

After the coordinates are given you show up on the planet of Batuu and your’e right in the battle.  Poe gives his directions to your ship and even General Hux shows up and give a command to make all on the Star Tour flight 1401 a bit nervous.  After leaving Batuu successfully, the Star Tour flight returns to a new area.  I won’t spoil this but all in the flight applauded as we landed.    

This morning we also learned a lot more about Star Wars: Galactic Nights that is returning on December 16th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This is a hard ticketed event from 7pm-12pm.  There will be Star Wars events all night, including guest panels, character meet and greets and even a scavenger hunt.  Earlier this week we put out some of the celebrity guests that will be attending the event.
This morning they let us sample some of the food that will be available for Star Wars Galactic Nights:
They also spoke to us about the projections that will turn the Hollywood Tower of Terror into a fantastic display of Star Wars scenes.  More information will be coming in regards to Galactic Nights, but I’m very excited about the event.  TMSM will be in attendance on the 16th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios so stay tuned!
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