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November 5, 2017 , ,

When you are looking for a knee-slappin’ good time, the Country Bear Jamboree is the place to be! As one of the last attractions that Walt himself worked to develop, the jamboree is embraced by all. So hang around long enough to take this quiz from Disney Parks Blog and see how well you know Country Bear Jamboree!


  1. How many Audio-Animatronic bears entertain you during the Country Bear Jamboree?
    1. 15
    2. 18
    3. 22
  2.  Who is the founder of the Country Bear Jamboree?
    1. Papa W. Bear
    2. Sid M. Grizzley
    3. Ursus H. Bear
  3. Grizzly Hall – where the show is performed – is located in which land in Magic Kingdom Park?
    1. Frontierland
    2. Adventureland
    3. Liberty Square
  4. What are the names of the triplet bears?
    1. Becky, Brenda, and Bridget
    2. Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah
    3. Beth, Barbara, and Bell
  5. bears
  6. What are the names of these two members of the Country Bear Jamboree?
    1. Tennessee and Zeke
    2. Kansas City and Oswald
    3. Henry and Big Al
  7. Country JamboreeAnswers:
    1. B – 18
    2. C – Ursus H. Bear
    3. A – Frontierland
    4. B – Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah
    5. A – Tennessee and Zeke
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