WDW Fun Facts

We are always looking for fun facts about Disney that others may not know of. Here are some that we were unaware of that are pretty interesting.

  • One of the original names suggested for Walt Disney World was The Vacation Kingdom of the World
  • In the Seas With Nemo & Friends, Nigel, the pelican that saves the day, is the only main character not depicted
  • Back in the early days, the Seven Seas Lagoon had a wave machine that was used to create the sensation of a real beach at the Polynesian Village Resort. The machine was eventually shut down due to beach corrosion
  • Epcot has its own signature scent that was developed to smell like airy mountains. The scent is called Laila
  • The lake where Fantasmic takes place may look deep, but it’s actually only 1 ft. deep
  • Bruce, the ‘vegetarian’ shark in Finding Nemo, was named after the mechanical shark in Jaws, who was named after Steven Spielberg’s lawyer
  • On the ride Voyage of the Little Mermaid, helium is added to the bubble machines so the bubbles float up instead of down
  • The hallway carpet in Sid’s house, the villainous kid in Toy Story, is the same design as the corridors in The Shining
  • In Cars, there is a #84 white race car with the Apple® logo. 1984 was the first year the Apple® computer was released and paid homage to Steve Jobs
  • In 1988, the video for The Beach Boys hit ‘Kokomo’ was filmed at the Grand Floridian Resort. The resort wasn’t opened yet so the band were the 1st guests and got to test the service, staff, recipes, and drinks. The video took less than 2 hours to shoot due to the threat of rain.

What is your favorite fun Disney fact?

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