As most of you know, Star Wars Weekends are coming to a close, Sunday is the last day for the season. Shortly after, Frozen Fun begins, and #SWW2015 will be just a memory. To keep the Star Wars fun rolling, I found this adorable donut decorating idea from Here’s how to make your very own Chewbacca Donuts!


Maple Bar Donuts
black frosting
white frosting
chocolate frosting


Start with a pre-made Maple Bar donut and try not to eat it. This was the most difficult part of the recipe for me.

Use a #5 tip, pipe black frosting for Chewie’s eyes and nose.

With a separate piping bag using a #2 tip pipe the white frosting in a zig zag pattern for the wookiee’s teeth.

For the bandolier use a #7 tip and pipe a long, thick strip of chocolate frosting diagonally across the donut. Come back in with the white frosting and pipe squares down the two opposite sides of the strip.

Let the frosting set, and serve!

**Thanks again to JustJennRecipes for the idea and pic!

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