The Confessions of a Disney Dad by Greg Smoot

Growing up I was an absolute theme park junkie. For as many years as I could remember we had passes for a fairly large park in Mason, Ohio. We moved to Jacksonville, FL when I was twelve so I had no desire to go to Disney. Fast forward sixteen years and all I could think about was when could we take our five and six year old girls to Disney World. Then in no time at all they were tall enough to ride most of the coasters. So, in April 2013 we made the trip and needless to say I was hooked! From that point on I could not get it out of my system so in January of this year we became AP’s.

Morning Show

My family has now been a minimum of at least twenty times since January, so much so that my wife tells me that I love it as much as the girls do. And admittedly….. I DO!!! It has become somewhat of an obsession. Because of this my co- workers give me a hard time for the amount of time we spend at the “World”. This made me think of why I am so obsessed with all things Mouse related.

Minnie and Smoot Girls

It’s the “Magic”. I know it sounds cliché but let me explain. Disney is the one place that we can go where nothing else matters but us. No worries, no stress, no expectations, and the list goes’ on. With all of the pressures of life, “home” is where I can unwind and just enjoy the magic. This disconnect is what brings me back time and again. The best memories I have of spending time with my dad, as a kid, centered around when we went on vacation. We all need that special place or time in our lives. For some it’s the beach, fishing, traveling, etc. but for me it’s DISNEY WORLD!!!



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