Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Test Track

July 13, 2014 ,

Test Track  By TMSM Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani

As you already know, I went to EPCOT recently. We didn’t only meet the characters; we went on a lot of the rides. One of my favorite rides at EPCOT is Test Track. It’s a fun ride for all ages, especially for the teen crowd. I went on yesterday with my little sister and we made this really funky looking car.


See? It’s funky! Want to know how I did it? In line, you get to design your own car and test it on the actual ride. My sister and I always take charge in creating the car. There are lots of options from choosing the body style, to choosing the custom color, and everything else in between.

Don’t forget to scan your magic band before you get on the ride, so you can see how your car performs throughout the course. It’s so cool to be able to use your own car! It gives the ride more of a personal feel. The ride itself is amazing. I love how it has a Tron feel to it and of course who doesn’t love the speed test!

When the ride is over, the fun doesn’t stop! You can scan your magic band when you exit the ride to see the stats on how your car performed. There’s also another spot where you can race your car with others.

After it’s all over I always know where I can find my little brother waiting for me. Waiting with my mom climbing in and out of all the cars on display at the end of the ride!


About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”

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