Remembering Favorite Attractions at Disney Parks

Jaime Langdon, Social Media Manager shared the first #DisneyKids roundtable interview showing preschoolers just how passionate they are about their favorite characters.  In this first interview, they were asked simply about the rides at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Seems every child, big and small, that visits a Disney Park has their favorite attraction. They can also relive each and every moment of the attraction, down to even the smallest detail. I think that is something Walt wanted in building his attractions. He wanted us to have a memorable experience and enjoy the time, but to go away with a detail that may not have stood out to everyone that goes through.

Think about this, how many times do you ride Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion? The ride is always the same, yet we all go through them looking for something we didn’t see the time before. The Imagineers have spent so much time, creating things down to the finest detail that the actual ride of the attraction is only a piece of the fun. When Walt was alive and could supervise each detail, he made sure it was more than just a ride. Even though we lost Walt so many years ago, the Imagineers have always kept his vision of how to do things at the forefront. That is what makes Disney so different than any other theme park and will always keep them as the leader in the industry.

So what are some of your favorite attractions details? Share them with us in the comments below.

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