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Every Single Disney Reference In Enchanted ~ How Many Did You Know?

Every Single Disney Reference In Enchanted ~ How Many Did You Know? 1 Last night, we were watching Enchanted on television and it’s one of our favorite Disney films.  It’s also a fun movie to watch and see if you can spot all the references in the film to other Disney movies.  The Oh My Disney blog recently put out a blog listing 57 references in the film. We are all called to do great things and change the course of history. Since someone already mapped the human genom Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know…….Enchanted

How Well Do You Know.......Enchanted 2 Last week in a blog of mine, I admitted I’m a fan of the movie Enchanted.  Well this week, the Disney Insider put out a 10 question trivia in regards to the film. Spring is in the air and nothing says “spring” like seeing Central Park come alive to “That’s How You Know”! See how much you know about Enchanted by trying to score 10 out of 10 on our Enchanted quiz. 1) Where is Giselle from? A) Ando Continue Reading

Enchanted, Simply A Great Movie

Enchanted, Simply A Great Movie 3 I will admit it, I like Enchanted.  I think it’s honestly a great movie.  One of the things that pulled me into watching it was seeing Nathaniel chasing Pip. All his ways to capture Pip and his failure kept me laughing.  I don’t know why, but watching a big guy chase after a little animal that’s smart, well it’s just funny.  The music was great also, I really liked the musical scene in t Continue Reading
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