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Last week in a blog of mine, I admitted I’m a fan of the movie Enchanted.  Well this week, the Disney Insider put out a 10 question trivia in regards to the film.


Spring is in the air and nothing says “spring” like seeing Central Park come alive to “That’s How You Know”! See how much you know about Enchanted by trying to score 10 out of 10 on our Enchanted quiz.

1) Where is Giselle from?
A) Andorra
B) Andalasia
C) Andalusia

2) What is the name of the newscaster Prince Edward watches?
A) Mary Ilene Caselotti
B) Mary Blair
C) Mary Jane Banks

3) Which of these actors never sings in Enchanted?
A) Patrick Dempsey
B) James Marsden
C) Idina Menzel
D) Adele Dazeem

4) At what Italian restaurant do Giselle and Robert dine?
A) Bella Notte
B) Pizza Planet
C) Stromboli’s

5) How much did Giselle’s wedding dress weigh?
A) 30 pounds
B) 45 pounds
C) 60 pounds

6) What is the evil queen’s name?
A) Narissa
B) Evanora
C) She’s just “the Queen”

7) What is the name of the law firm where Robert works?
A) Reitherman, Larson, and Clark
B) Geronimi, Jackson, and Luske
C) Churchill, Harline, and Smith

8) Finish the lyric: ♫ As we scrub a stubborn mildew stain, _________________________ ♫
A) Rub the mirror ‘til it shines all day.
B) Lug a hairball from the shower drain.
C) Sing along to our sweet cleaning refrain.

9) Who plays Robert’s assistant?
A) Judy Kuhn, the voice of Pocahontas.
B) Paige O’Hara, the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
C) Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

10) Where in Manhattan does the portal transport Giselle?
A) Harlem
B) Times Square
C) The New York Public Library

Scroll down to see how you did.



1) B – Andalusia and Andorra are actual, not-animated places.
2) A – Her name is an homage to Adrianna Caselotti, who voiced Snow White.
3) C – Idina’s character, Nancy, never gets a chance to sing in the film – but you can hear Idina’s amazing singing voice in her performance as Elsa in Frozen.
4) A – As you may have noticed, this was a little nod to “Lady and the Tramp.”
5) B – The dress looks spectacular and ethereal, but it was quite a handful for Amy Adams to work with. In addition to the weight, the hoop skirt was so wide that she couldn’t walk through doors easily.
6) A – She is a bit of a narcissist, so it certainly fits. Evanora is a wicked witch from a different Disney film — Oz the Great and Powerful.
7) C – Churchill, Harline, and Smith are the surnames of the songwriters from 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
8) B – Giselle and her vermin friends sing a “Happy Working Song” while cleaning Robert’s apartment.
9) C – Jodi Benson plays Robert’s assistant, but both Judy Kuhn and Paige O’Hara make cameos in the film.
10) B – The sewer that takes Giselle from Andalasia to New York, transports her right to the heart of Times Square.

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