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Sheik or Shriek Pumpkin Topiary – Easy DIY Project

Sheik or Shriek Pumpkin Topiary – Easy DIY Project 1 Happy Thursday Main Streeters. With less than a week until All Hallows Eve, it’s still not too late to decorate for the festivities. Today, I’m going to share with you an easy DIY project with a Disney twist that you can use to decorate your home for Halloween and even keep up through the Thanksgiving holiday. You’ll need a few things to build your topiary: Foam Pumpkins of various sizes (large, medium, smal Continue Reading

A DIY Ear Display

A DIY Ear Display 4 Happy Thursday Main Streeters! Welcome back! It seems like we have seen a huge surge of different Disney ears released at the parks. So much so, that Michele and Scott have been hosting amazing giveaways for coveted and hard to acquire pairs that are literally flying off the shelves. It almost feels like we get a brand new “must have” design every month. The sparklier, the better! As I was reading throu Continue Reading

DIY Disney Valentine ~ Great Ideas for a Magical Day

DIY Disney Valentine ~ Great Ideas for a Magical Day 6 People say time is priceless, and memories last a lifetime, far longer than something material. I’m sentimental, and can see where those ideas matter, especially with a loved one. If you’re totally lost and have no idea how to enchant your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, we at The Main Street Mouse can help, and lucky for you, you have a few days to bring some of these ideas to fruition. Valentine’s Day do Continue Reading

DIY Mickey or Minnie Pine Wreath

DIY Mickey or Minnie Pine Wreath 11 Happy Thursday MainStreeters! Last week I shared a DIY Nightmare Before Christmas tutorial for the wreath featured in the iconic holiday Tim Burton Disney Movie. If you haven’t had enough DIY this holiday season, I’ve got you covered. In this blog, I am going to walk you through creating an enormous Mickey or Minnie shaped pine wreath like the ones that used to hang on Main Street USA. If you followed last week Continue Reading

After You Gobble Until You Wobble, It’s Time To Deck The Halls

After You Gobble Until You Wobble, It’s Time To Deck The Halls 20 Happy Day AfterThanksgiving Mainstreeters! I hope everyone has had a most wonderful turkey day! I know some are probably still in a food coma from what I hope has been a feast in the company of family or friends. If you are anything like my husband and I, we have been patiently waiting for the passing of Thanksgiving to partake in anything Christmas related. This includes any holiday DIY activities and putting up t Continue Reading

DIY: Maleficent Horns

DIY: Maleficent Horns 22 From Disney Style Well, well… are you ready for the ultimate, villainous Halloween DIY? One of our extremely talented designers recreated Maleficent’s iconic horns to be the finishing touch for a Mistress of All Evil Costume. This is a pretty advance sewing task, but if you’re up to the challenge, we’ve got the detailed instructions below: Materials Scrap Patterning Fabric Headband Black Fabric Black Thread Continue Reading

DIY: Wire Minnie Ears

DIY: Wire Minnie Ears 23 Previously, we shared a DIY from the Disney Style blog for floral Minnie ears.  They also have another DIY, this time it’s for some wire Minnie ears.  This tutorial, the Style Blog took inspiration from someone who’s a big Disney fan and one of the blog’s style inspirations: Lauren Conrad! After seeing the above picture, the Style blog decided they had to recreate these simple but fashionable ears Continue Reading

DIY: Create A Mickey Jewelry Dish

DIY: Create A Mickey Jewelry Dish 24 Lets kick off TMSM’s Fashion Friday with a craft from the Disney Style blog! Have you ever used sculpting clay? Well you should, because it’s amazing. It’s super easy to use, comes in beautiful colors, and allows you to make really amazing creations. We recently learned how to make jewelry dishes from this miracle stuff, and were struck with a Disney idea: why make a regular jewelry dish when you can make Continue Reading

DIY: Disney Cassette Tape Centerpiece

DIY: Disney Cassette Tape Centerpiece 25 From the Disney Style blog When we were kids, we would sit for hours and hours reading and playing our Disney stories on cassette tape. We had one of those cool binders where we stored all our tapes and story books, so we could lug them into the car or into our sibling’s room to listen to them. Now, those cassette tapes may be a bit out of date, but that doesn’t mean our love for those iconic bright pink tapes Continue Reading

DIY: Frozen-Inspired Friendship Bracelet

DIY: Frozen-Inspired Friendship Bracelet 26 From the Disney Style blog Remember when you were a kid and would spend hours making friendship bracelets for your BFFs? Well, with all things from our childhood making a comeback (chokers, overalls, the list goes on and on), we’re happy to welcome the friendship bracelet to our arm parties. Our friend, Simply Bianca Alexa, is here to show you just how easy it is to make one. The best part? These friendship brac Continue Reading

DIY: Gem Mickey-Inspired Sunglasses

DIY: Gem Mickey-Inspired Sunglasses 27 From the Disney Style blog After our recent trip to the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, we were immediately inspired by all the sparkly, blue and silver decor that adorns Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. See? It’s so pretty! So that got us thinking, what would be a fun way to incorporate some diamonds into a new DIY? Well, we replaced diamonds with gems and adorned a pair of Mickey-inspired sunglasses Continue Reading