DIY Disney Valentine ~ Great Ideas for a Magical Day

People say time is priceless, and memories last a lifetime, far longer than something material. I’m sentimental, and can see where those ideas matter, especially with a loved one. If you’re totally lost and have no idea how to enchant your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, we at The Main Street Mouse can help, and lucky for you, you have a few days to bring some of these ideas to fruition.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an extravagant show of how much money you can throw at a gift; unless your significant other has made it abundantly clear they are expecting a Disney Dooney come February 14th. If you’re not living in the realm of post it note hints with doodles of handbags, you can have a most exceptional, memorable, and personal Valentine’s Day celebration without breaking the bank.

Idea #1 : At Home Cinema and Dinner

Line up your loved ones favorite Disney movies, lay a blanket and some pillows in the living room and create a cozy little area to settle in for the evening. For each Disney movie you pick, pair it with a treat. For example, if they love the movie Lady and the Tramp – cook a special spaghetti dinner and recreate the iconic Bella Notte scene. If they love Inside Out, find some colorful candy orbs in the colors of the memories and place them in a dark bag. You can ask your sweetheart to pull a candy and share a memory that coincides with the color of the orb. To ensure pure Joy: toss all the Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness colored ones out; nothing but happy memories. Get creative! Your person will surely appreciate the effort.

Idea # 2 : Valentine’s Card Scavenger Hunt

Pinterest and Family Disney’s website has plenty of print at home Disney inspired Valentine’s Day cards. Some with the cheesiest sayings and sweetest sentiments. Leave a trail of little cards for your sweetheart to find throughout the day. Need some ideas on where to place the cards? Here are a few:

  • Lunchbox
  • Car Seat
  • Refrigerator
  • Taped to the mirror
  • In a purse / wallet
  • In a jacket pocket

Idea # 3 : Memorable Art

I was totally inspired by the free drawing classes guests could take with Animators at EPCOT’s International Arts Festival. As I watched Pluto come alive on paper, I thought it would an awesome idea to create some art with my husband for Valentine’s Day that we could hang at home. To set this up, you’ll need a few things:

  1. Canvas or Paper
  2. Art Supplies (Pencils, Erasers, Colored Markers, Paints, etc.)
  3. A way to access YouTube

Disney Parks YouTube channel has a series of 20 something minute videos where you can learn to draw Disney characters. There are about 29 videos with an assortment of characters to choose from. However, the beauty of YouTube is that there are plenty of other talented artists out there who have uploaded their tutorials on how to draw a character or a scene that is Disney inspired. So, don’t be discouraged if your favorite Disney icon isn’t on the official Disney Parks channel, you can always be inspired by others.

There you have it Main Streeters, three wonderful DIY Valentine’s Day experiences that are guaranteed to make some lasting memories. Share with us, do you have any more DIY Disney Valentine options? We would love to hear from you!



Erika Roberts has been a Disney kid for as long as she can remember, but her love of visiting Disney Parks started after just one ride in a Doom Buggy. She couldn’t run to guest relations fast enough to offer up her soul in return for an Annual Pass. Since then Disney has taken all of her money, but has given her the most cherished memories; from watching her Nona’s face light up with happy tears as we strolled down Main Street on her first visit (she was 84 at the time), to her very own engagement on Halloween in front of the Haunted Mansion. Erika is excited to be on the TMSM team and where Disney Parks are concerned, you won’t catch her dead on It’s a Small World. If she asks to ride that, this is a clear indication that she is in danger and you must send help. You will, however, catch her performing Random Acts of Disney (R.A.D’s), park hopping with her amazing group of impressively talented and kind friends (usually in some themed attire), hanging out by The Haunted Mansion, and ugly crying during fireworks… then begging for a Mickey Premium Bar to eat her feelings…this is a judgment-free bio. Otherwise, Erika works for the State of Florida and is actively involved in her community. Erika believes in empowering others and spreading kindness to people from all walks of life. Erika also makes custom designed Disney inspired ears, etched glass, gifts, and accessories. You can check out, like or follow her work on FB, which also links to my shop’s Instagram: She looks forward to getting to know everyone and sharing the magic of Disney!

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