What in the world do you do when you have a Disney food craving but your annual pass has some blackout dates associated to it?

For those of us who don’t have the annual pass with 365 days of Disney access, we have to get creative. What’s the next best thing to find some fantastic Disney food? If you guessed Disney Springs, you are absolutely right.

Disney Springs offers so many food options from sit down locations to food trucks, and even quick service spots if you need to grab something on the go.

I walked all of Disney Springs to find 3 hidden gems to check your Disney foodie boxes, plus a little extra tip for coffee lovers.

Bring on the Carbs

When you can’t walk the World Showcase and stop into the Canada Pavilion, you can still get your friendly northern neighbor cuisine by visiting The Daily Poutine. This little stand-alone kiosk is right by World of Disney and serves a traditional Canadian dish made mostly of french fries called Poutine. Don’t let how the name sounds deter you from trying this delectable and filling treat. The best part about this stand is that its limited menu makes it easy to pick something, and every option is yummy so you can’t go wrong. A price tag of less than $10 for your meal is also a major plus.

Southern Sass from a Food Truck

Three words: CHICKEN. AND. WAFFLES. Take a trip over to the west side of Disney Springs and check out the food truck area. Here you will find various food trucks, but at Fantasy Fare Entrees you can help yourself to a true southern dish. Fantasy Fare has other food options, and most if not all are inexpensive. The chicken and waffles option is $10.25 – not too shabby.

Cool off year round with snow in Florida

Florida Snow Company serves up some fantastic colorful and flavorful treats of shaved ice. In this killer Florida heat, it is a much welcomed hidden gem in terms of price and convenience. A small shaved ice is less than $5, and a flower cup option is under $6. Florida Snow Company is located at the Landing area in the Springs. You can also find a light snack of roasted nuts in cinnamon glaze and salted options if you want a light snack too.

BONUS HIDDEN GEM: Skip the Starbucks and Caffeinate Culturally

Starbucks lines are notoriously long, so when you need that extra boost of caffeine look no further than the final hidden gem at the Disney Springs. Bongos Cuban Restaurant has a little to go window where you can pick up probably the best pick me up on the planet – Cuban Coffee… or better known as cafecito. Take a quick breather and rest your feet on their patio area and sip on some aromatic coffee made just like your favorite Cuban Abuela.

Now it’s your turn Main Streeters, what are some of your favorite hidden gems at Disney Springs?

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