Magic Kingdom is stepping up their food game. We have seen all sorts of delicious items coming out for the regular foodie, and now guests who enjoy plant-based cuisine can savor all the flavors imaginable around the park.

This week a new plant-based cuisine guide for Spring 2019 was spotted at Magic Kingdom. In it, you can find all of the meals and snacks for guests searching to dine on vegetarian and plant-based options. There is even a helpful key designating what food items do not contain animal meat, dairy, eggs, or honey.

Let’s start with Fantasyland.

Dining options at Cinderella’s Royal Table include:

  • Hearty Oatmeal with dried fruit
  • Multigrain Croissant with Avocado
  • Poached egg with arugula and tomato
  • Baked quiche options
  • Castle salads, and
  • Vegetable couscous.

Pinnochio Village Haus has:

  • Gourmet cheese flatbread
  • Margherita Flatbread
  • Penne Pasta with marinara
  • Stromboli

Be Our Guest includes:

  • Quiche options
  • Croissant Doughnut
  • Potatoe Leek Soup
  • Garden Salads
  • Quinoa Salads
  • Tortellini

The Friar’s Nook has a fried twinkie and a vegan brat with sauerkraut.

Gaston’s Tavern isn’t far behind on items to nosh on – you have sweet and salty options. The guide indicated LeFou’s Brew is an option, as well as the chocolate croissant or warm cinnamon roll. You can pick up some mini babybel cheese snacks or a hearty portion of hummus and chips.

Village Market, Cheshire Cafe, and Storybook Treats are additional options to stop and grab anything from fresh fruit all the way to the new Lost Princess Cone.

Moving on to Frontierland, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe as well as Westward Ho will be the prime spots to find plant powered cuisine.

Adventureland gives you more food options than Frontierland, but that’s to be expected as it’s a little larger of an area. Here you will find assorted ice cream options, and even RUM CAKE and Black bean chips with hummus at Tortuga Tavern. Falafels, salads, noodles, and stews are part of the list at the Skipper Canteen. Also making the cut of plant-based options is DOLE WHIP. So don’t fear there friends, you can still have that refreshing treat.

Liberty Square has similar food choices of salads, fresh vegetables like celery sticks, and fruit options found at the Liberty Square Market. The table services that have interesting cuisine options, include a plant-based Meatloaf at Liberty Tree Tavern and Stuffed Peppers at The Diamond Horseshoe. Sleppy Hollow comes in clutch for guests with a sweet tooth, get messy with the funnel cakes or satisfy your mickey shaped food craving with a Mickey waffle.

Tomorrowland brings us a Greek Salad at Cosmic Ray’s and Auntie Gravity has all your ice cream options.

Finally, we have Main Street U.S.A. with five different locations to choose from that carry fantastic foods sure to make anyone drool. I’m talking about Gnocchi at Tony’s and Veggie burgers at the Plaza Restaurant.

Disney is diversifying the food game, and I’m all about it. So tell us Main Streeters, are you digging this guide?

Until Next Week; Bon Appetit.


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