Happy Thursday and Welcome Back Main Streeters. Every week it seems like we at The Main Street Mouse are covering more news on price hikes for Disney Parks. While we have seen a rise in unpopular opinion and complaints online about what feels like ever increasing prices, it actually makes sense given all of the brand new experiences guests can expect in the coming years at the parks, as well as the most recent acquisition of Fox Studios. The Tron ride isn’t going to pay for itself, am I right?

Now what if I told you that I could save you a couple hundred dollars for and during your next trip with these five Disney hacks? Check them out below:

1 – Take a trip down to Target, and use your Target REDcard to buy Disney Gift Cards – save 5% instantly.

Target is one of my favorite places to shop, especially when I’m gearing up for a Disney trip. I recently discovered the power of the REDcard and how much money I could save in general when shopping at Target by combining their Cartwheel deals and the 5% off every purchase. I also found out how much I could save when buying Disney Gift Cards using the same method. When using your Target REDcard you can purchase the preferred currency of Disney Parks, the Gift Card by the droves. Buy a $100 gift card to spend on food, merch, or anything else at Disney Parks and on property at Target using the REDcard and basically pay only $95 for the gift card. That adds up over some time.

2 – Plan sit-down lunches at the Parks – skip the Dinner reservation.

You know we are all about food here at TMSM. In our exhaustive quest to eat all the things at Disney parks, we have realized that lunch menu’s at many sit-down restaurants typically serve the same fare as the dinner menu. Here’s the catch, the lunch prices are about 15-20% less expensive. Yes, you can eat the same exact meal for lunch as for dinner, but save yourself the heftier price tag. Another perk: lunch reservations are much easier to score, and you can even take your chances with walk in availability.

3. Don’t buy bottled water at the park

Every quick service area around the park will provide you with a free cup of ice water. When bottled water prices are hiking just as quickly as ticket prices, you’ll be glad you knew about this hack to save you some dollars at the park and also keep you cool and hydrated now that summer months are coming.

4. Buy Dollar Store Ponchos

Summer is coming, but Florida is notorious for weather mood swings. When you aren’t prepared for the Florida afternoon thunderstorms, you could be wasting valuable time missing out on rides and money to purchase a poncho from the nearest store in Disney. Prepare yourself and score a poncho from the Dollar Store before going to the parks. You can thank us later.

5.  Meet the Characters, eat great food, and save 35%

Some of the best memories are made at Character dining experiences. So many visiting Disney opt for the evening reservations with characters because it’s the perfect way to end their day. However, you can still score those same memories and spend far less by opting for the breakfast buffet Character experiences. When you do so, you are able to eat enough in the morning to keep you full for a light lunch saving you money, plus breakfast buffets are typically 35% less expensive than dining experiences at other locations with a set menu versus a buffet.

There are plenty of other money saving hacks, and we will keep bringing them to you. Now, it’s your turn, tell us Main Streeters, what are some of your cost saving Disney hacks? Share with us!

Until Next Week!


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