This Just In! The New Potty Pass in Pandora

There is nothing better than the first time you walk into Pandora and see the floating mountains in front of you.  The sights, the sounds, it’s all so incredible to see.  The excitement builds as you get to Flight of Passage.  You’ve heard about this attraction, but now it’s your turn to ride.  Unfortunately you did not score a Fast Pass so off you go into the Standby line.  The wait time is over 3 hours.

I’ll tell you what, the Standby line is simply amazing.  So many cool things to see.  I highly recommend doing the standby line at least once, but I digress.  About halfway through your wait, you feel the urge to go to the potty.  Ugh!  What are you to do?  You’ve waited so long.  You don’t want to lose your spot in line, but you don’t think you will make it til the end.

Behold the Queue Re-Entry Pass or how I like to call it, The Pandora Potty Pass!  That’s right, if you have to use the potty while waiting in line, find the nearest Cast Member and they will issue this lanyard.  The rest of the family must wait in line while you hop out to go to the restroom. When you are done, you will re-enter through the Fast Pass line where they will take you to a holding area where you will meet up with the rest of your party once they’ve reached that same holding area.  The holding area is right by where the Fast Pass line merges with the Standby line.

So there you have it!  I’m wondering if this is a test for when Galaxy’s Edge opens and the long lines that are expected there.  We shall see!

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