Happy Thursday Main Streeters and welcome back. We reported to you a while ago that Disney got the green light to acquire 21 Century Fox. Doing so gave them the rights to the movie and TV studios, as well as other assets and Fox’s 30% share of HULU. This acquisition came at an astronomical price tag of $71.3 Billion. Yes, Billion.

With the purchase, fans of the Deadpool franchise (which was produced by 21 Century Fox) began to wonder what would be the fate of their much anticipated mercenary anti-hero with a smart mouth, played by Ryan Reynolds and known as Wade Wilson.

A little back history on Deadpool for those of you unfamiliar with the character: Deadpool is a conundrum all together, and it was unclear for some time who really owned the rights to the character. For one, Deadpool belongs to Marvel Comics, but when the movie came to fruition given the adult nature, it was picked up and produced by Fox. Shortly thereafter Disney acquired the rights to Marvel, and now has taken over Fox. So in any respect, no matter how you cut it, Deadpool was destined to go to Disney.

Fans have continued to worry as Disney has historically been shy about putting out any movie with an above PG rating and Deadpool movies have been notoriously rated R.  Disney owning Deadpool is a “big deal” for audiences because if you’ve ever seen a Deadpool movie, you know that it’s no ride on the Carousel of Progress. It’s quite the adult humored film, peppered with colorful language and suggestive scenarios. Despite Ryan Reynolds’ advertisement in the opening scene that the movie is a family film… it is in fact not one at all. It’s not even a sing along, so don’t be fooled by the amazing soundtracks of both movies.

In short, Ryan Reynolds who is the embodiment of Wade Wilson isn’t the hero people really need, but he’s the hero a whole different generation of Marvel fans really WANT, and now that Deadpool belongs to Disney where does he even fit in the Disney-sphere?

Disney was mum on what they planned to do with Fox movies that were Rated R, including Deadpool until yesterday. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said that Disney will continue to make R-rated Deadpool movies and other adult-oriented Marvel movies after it absorbs much of Fox. This is absolutely progressive for a company that has made their mark on the world by being completely family focused and building their empire on G ratings.

Now fans of Deadpool can sleep soundly knowing that the next iteration of the franchise will still have the Deadpool character we have come to know and love, and that Bob Iger is willing to push the envelope further as far as the cinematic experiences that Disney brings to the table in the future. I don’t think we will see the iconic castle or hear the familiar music in the opening credit, but Disney will have to make their brand known somehow; only time will tell.

Personally, I think this move is the checkmate that just made Disney a little more lucrative for those who say Disney is just for kids. The amount of adult centered entertainment they are building such as the Star Wars Land and now this foray of film is really bringing back those who had “outgrown” the Disney experience.

It’s your turn now, tell us Main Streeters, are you okay with Disney putting out movies geared towards adults? Share your thoughts!

Until next week!

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