3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Plan Your Disney Vacation in 2019

Happy Thursday and Happy New Year Main Streeters. Welcome back! Let’s start my regularly scheduled Thursday blogs for the year with a little lore before I get into the most important topic of all – your 2019 Disney vacation plans.

In my culture, there is a New Year’s Eve superstition that if you run around your neighborhood block with a suitcase it will bring you good fortune for travel in the coming year. I don’t know about you, but running, especially with luggage sounds exhausting. I love to travel, but I find that after all the research, and stalking sites for the best rates, I am dizzy, tired, possibly have gone cross eyed from staring at the computer screen and still slightly paranoid that I might have missed the greatest travel deal. If I am going to take time off from work to go anywhere I want to be able to relax, make memories and have it all with the best bang for the buck; Disney is no exception.

I know, I know. This week’s blog subject sounds totally and absolutely taboo, but it’s not a trick. Being that we all love Disney, surely, we believe we are the experts and don’t need help to plan a vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. I got news for you – you should NOT be planning your own Disney Vacation, and let me tell you three reasons why.

  1. TMSM took the hard work out of vacation planning

We love our Main Streeters and because we want you to have the best, we partnered with the best, the literal MVP’s of Disney vacation planning. Magical Vacation Planners are our travel sponsor and they have got the inside scoop on all things Disney. They even created a link just for The Main Street Mouse, so you get a dedicated Disney Travel Specialist to personalize your vacation and answer any, and all of your questions. Talk about world class customer service! It’s just one click away: CONTACT MVP

  1. Perfect Packages tailored to YOU

Want that hard to snag dining reservation? MVP will go above and beyond to find it and make it happen; especially those amazing character dining reservations!

Want exclusive character experiences, and access to some of the best Disney parties? MVP knows all about it and can book tickets to separate events where you have the opportunity to see and interact with characters that rarely appear at the parks.

Have a princess that wants the royal treatment? Let MVP book a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, it’s as simple as a wave of their magic wand!

Have a pirate that wants to sharpen their swashbuckling skills? MVP can make sure you get the best plunder filled package for your little pirate. They even cater to empresses and mermaids; the more the merrier.

Need a break from the family, maybe some adult time to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or special occasion? MVP has you covered – they can make reservations for massages, and other pampering at on property hotel spas.

Tailoring your personal travel package equals possibilities that are endless. MVP can take the leg work out of getting park tickets, finding a hotel, recommending separate ticketed events, even finding airfare; and YOU don’t have to hunt down the best deals or organize your vacation. MVP does it all for you; but I bet you think there is some kind of catch here… well my friends, I saved the best reason to not plan your own vacation for last… drum roll please.

  1. MVP Plans your Vacation for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. FREE. They specialize in helping you experience the magic, and with a zero dollar price tag, that’s more than magical to me. MVP will get everything you want for your vacation together and provide you with a free quote. Trust TMSM when we say, this is the best bang for your buck, and hands down the easiest way to make your Disney vacation dreams an affordable and organized reality.

If these three reasons don’t have you convinced, or if you just can’t fathom giving up some of the control in planning your Disney vacation, you can trust in their industry-leading customer service that even extends to sending reminders when fast pass booking windows open, so you can get online and select fast passes to ride everything you want. No need to set yourself a reminder, MVP has got your back.

TMSM has got yours too, MVP is the best of the best in travel planning because they are authorized Disney Vacation Planners, and that includes Disney Cruises. We wouldn’t trust just any travel agency to make your dreams come true, we put our faith, trust and pixie dust in MVP, and we are encouraging you to as well.

So, what are you waiting for? TMSM has been bringing you all the breaking news of what Disney has to offer guests in 2019, don’t miss out – let MVP get you there. Contact them using our TMSM link below:


Until next week!



Erika Roberts has been a Disney kid for as long as she can remember, but her love of visiting Disney Parks started after just one ride in a Doom Buggy. She couldn’t run to guest relations fast enough to offer up her soul in return for an Annual Pass. Since then Disney has taken all of her money, but has given her the most cherished memories; from watching her Nona’s face light up with happy tears as we strolled down Main Street on her first visit (she was 84 at the time), to her very own engagement on Halloween in front of the Haunted Mansion. Erika is excited to be on the TMSM team and where Disney Parks are concerned, you won’t catch her dead on It’s a Small World. If she asks to ride that, this is a clear indication that she is in danger and you must send help. You will, however, catch her performing Random Acts of Disney (R.A.D’s), park hopping with her amazing group of impressively talented and kind friends (usually in some themed attire), hanging out by The Haunted Mansion, and ugly crying during fireworks… then begging for a Mickey Premium Bar to eat her feelings…this is a judgment-free bio. Otherwise, Erika works for the State of Florida and is actively involved in her community. Erika believes in empowering others and spreading kindness to people from all walks of life. Erika also makes custom designed Disney inspired ears, etched glass, gifts, and accessories. You can check out, like or follow her work on FB, which also links to my shop’s Instagram: www.facebook.com/imagineering.emporium. She looks forward to getting to know everyone and sharing the magic of Disney!

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