Happy Thursday Main Streeters, welcome back! We continue with our series of Enchanting Extras, which are fantastic tours to enhance your Disney experience. I hope you’ve been following along and adding the tours that look appealing to your ultimate Disney bucket list. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Central Florida is notorious for its summer showers. Even though the parks are already decked out in Fall decorations, not even Disney can fool Mother Nature, so let’s face it – when it rains at Disney, it pours. This often can put a damper on planned activities, especially at places like EPCOT where the park is spread out and the World Showcase is uncovered. Yes, there are pavilions you can hide in and shops to kill time, but why not take advantage of an educational experience while you wait for the rain to pass?

The Behind the Seeds Tour at EPCOT is a 1 hour walking tour of 4 greenhouses, a mini greenhouse and a fish farm all located on EPCOT’s property. If you have ever ridden the Living with the Land attraction and enjoyed the leisurely boat ride, this is an expanded version of that. You will get to learn about gardening, advances in science for the production of agriculture, and it’s the perfect introduction to natural science. This tour is for all ages, the price of admission is a cool $25 for Adults and $20 for children.

Plenty of fun is packed into the hour, and the best part is that you’re indoors, away from the rain. Here is what you can expect on the tour:

  • A visit to the fish farm where you will see what it’s like during feeding time.
  • Learning about gigantic fruits, vegetables, and unusual crops from around the world.
  • Discovering the latest plant-growing techniques, including hydroponics.
  • A handout to take home with some great ideas for your own garden.

Disney suggests a few things to know before you go:

  • You’ll be on your feet for the whole hour of this walking tour. With that in mind, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Riding Living with the Land prior to the tour will give you a preview of what to expect. Please be aware that the tour highlights listed above are subject to change.
  • Please check in at the Tour Desk on the lower level of The Land Pavilion near Soarin’ 15 minutes prior to the start of your tour. You will forfeit the entire price of your tour if you no-show or cancel within 2 days of your reservation.

Don’t worry about advance reservations, although they are strongly recommended, the tours run all day in cyclical 45 minute intervals with multiple tour guides. So, if you find that you are stuck in a notorious Florida rain shower, and you want to escape the rain, call reservations (407) 939-8687, and book a time.

Share with us Main Streeters, has anyone done this tour? What was your favorite part? We would love to hear from you!

Until next week friends!


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