A Wonderland of Wisdom – Exploring Life Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

Happy Thursday Main Streeters! I hope everyone has been having a glorious week thus far, especially with all the fantastic new information on Toy Story Land that Scott and Michele have brought readers. I’m stoked about all the new rides, but there are some classic rides I could never give up; like the Mad Tea Cup Party in Magic Kingdom.

The teacups ride concept came from the thirteenth Disney Animated Film based off the books of Lewis Carroll. If you haven’t guessed from the title of this week’s blog, I’m talking about Alice in Wonderland. These Thursday blogs have been all about the life lessons we can take from Disney’s movies. If you’ve been following this series from the beginning, we have been exploring all of Walt’s films in order and choosing quotes from each to inspire some positivity, spread magic, and make us all think a little about.

It’s also important to note that these quotes can be interpreted differently by anyone who reads them. My interpretation of a life lesson gleaned from a quote may not necessarily be how someone else interprets the quote, or how they choose to apply the life lesson. All this series has aimed to do is open the door for dialogue on how Disney’s movies can relate to present day life.

Undoubtedly, Alice in Wonderland is regarded as one of Walt’s greatest animated classics, and resurfaced as a cult classic among recent generations of Disney fans. Never mind that the movie was released in 1951, it was way ahead of its time in terms of intelligent quotes that continue to resonate even currently with audiences of all ages. Without further ‘ado, let’s explore some life lessons to gain from Alice in Wonderland.

“If you don’t think, then you shouldn’t talk” – March Hare

As ludicrous as this sounds, I often wonder if Walt had such visionary talents that he could also see what the future of societywould be like. Maybe the more appropriate course of thought would be the idea that history often repeats itself, so a quote used in an animated movie from the 50’s could resurface over 50 years later and still be relevant.

Too often we see the abuse of social media platforms to spreadmisinformation. Raise your tea cup if you’ve seen people share news articles about Disney that are full of rumors and half truths. That’s the trap it seems people have fallen into. The spread of mindless information just for the sake of having something to say or in this case post.

What I gather from this quote is the life lesson to do your homework and think about something before you speak about it. When there is so much chatter already sucking the air out of the space you occupy, might as well make the chatter truthful, and thoughtful. Otherwise, when you don’t think and you speak, you run the risk of getting yourself or others in trouble. Moral of the quote, do you homework before you say something.

“It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change” – Alice

Wouldn’t it Alice? I feel you there girl. What even makes sense these days? I’m still trying to wrap my head around why Maelstrom was replaced with a ride dedicated to Frozen, but that’s just me. What Alice is seeking when she utters this quote is some semblance of normalcy that she can identify with. Unfortunately, but of so wonderfully, nothing in Wonderland was normal, and through the exploration of not making sense, Alice began to identify who she was as a person and speak of her ideas. Back at home, she was always chastised for thinking and dreaming of impossible things. When Alice gets a taste of the impossible in Wonderland, curiously she longs for something to make sense. If you pay close attention to the film, almost every character she encounters asks her who she is, and almost every time Alice stops and has to think about it. Is that wrong? No. Does it have to make sense? Not really. It’s through the adventures that don’t make sense that we are given the true lifelesson of this quote. Dreaming of impracticable things isn’t a fault, wishing for things to make sense isn’t either. Regardless of the journey, just as Alice was thinking up what she considered impossible, it can translate to setting high goals and striving to meet them as something anyone could and should do. It’s important never to let anyone else in your life define what is impossible for you!

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it” Alice

That Alice, a wise little crumpet at the tea party. I know I do this all the time, I give my friends the best advice, and when faced with a similar predicament, I don’t reflect on the advice I gave someone else or use it to avoid any stress for myself. Life Lesson here, trust your gut, take your own advice every once in a while; doing so may help you avoid some heartburn in your life.


So Main Streeters, what have you taken as a life lesson from Alice in Wonderland? Are we all just mad here? Share with us!


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