Flashback to the Adventures Club, Pleasure Island

Who remembers the days of Pleasure Island? For those that don’t, it was an adult only area that is now a part of Disney Springs. It had clubs, restaurants, live music, and most importantly, it had the Adventurer’s Club, a fan favorite. After closing in 2008, fans from near and far were left with only memories of the fun that was had, the specialty drinks that were consumed, the songs that were sung, and the inside jokes that made up this wonderful place. Since the closing, fans have yearned for another Kungaloosh, the official greeting at the club as well as a favorite specialty drink.

Over the past few years, Disney has made references to the clubs in different ways. Visit Trader Sam’s and find some memorabilia. At Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen, there is a cake called the Kungaloosh! Now, it looks like the Kungaloosh, along with many of Pleasure Islands most popular drinks, are making a comeback! Well, for a little while anyway.

Starting June 29th and running until September 29th, Dockside Margaritas, the margarita stand in Disney Springs, will offer various Pleasure Island cocktails specials on Thursdays. There will be island-wide drinks such as the Pleasure Punch and Funmeister as well as various drinks from the favorite clubs. For fans of 8-Trax, the Bell Bottom, Thriller, and Techn-O drinks will make a comeback. Punch Line is featured from Comedy Warehouse and the Shark Bite will be brought back from the Rock ‘n Roll each Club.

Neon Armadillo’s Armadillo Punch will be available along with the Hoopla from Mannequins. The Adventurer’s Club will have not one, but two drinks; the Kungaloosh as well as Emil’s Strawberry Colada (non-alcoholic). On Thursdays the drinks will be available for $9 (Emil’s for $5). The drinks will be available throughout the week but the special pricing is only valid on Thursdays.
Since Disney has no plans to bring back the actual clubs, fans will have to relive the memories through these cocktails. What was your favorite club on Pleasure Island? How excited are you about these drinks making a comeback? Tell us in the comments! Until next time, Happy Eating! Or in this case, drinking!

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