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If you’ve ever stayed at a Disney resort and turned on the TV, then you know who Stacey is. Since 2005, we have all heard about the rides, attractions, and dining offered at Walt Disney World on Resort TV from our beloved Stacey. The TOP 7 MUST SEES and MUST DO DISNEY TV show is on a 24/7 loop that is watched by millions of people every year. Let’s get to know Stacey a little better!

Growing up in Binghamton, NY Stacey was destined to be a star! At the age of 5 she started competitive artistic roller skating and went on to become a five-time national champion! To help with her training, she began studying ballet, became a professional ballerina while in high school, and went to The Julliard School where she earned a BFA in dance. Not only was she a dancer, she was also choreographing and teaching dance to middle and high school students. Throughout all of this, she realized she had an interest in acting and decided to pursue it.

While living in Louisville, Kentucky, Stacey booked regional commercials and voiceovers and decided to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. While in Charlotte, she booked some national commercials and voiceovers and scored a role on the TV series 7th Street Theater. Now we all know getting a job with Disney isn’t the easiest feat, and after an intense audition process, Stacey got the gig with Walt Disney World in May 2005 to host the TOP 7 MUST SEES.

Since landing a spot with Disney, Stacey has made Los Angeles her home and credits Disney with the fabulous career she has now that includes commercials, voiceovers, and voice acting for major companies as well as the live-game host for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks! In 2009, Disney reached out and asked Stacey to continue to host the Resort TV and shoot the new show! She of course accepted!

What is your favorite thing about Stacey?

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