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Happy Thursday Main Streeters! I hope you all have been following along and enjoying this series. If you’re just finding it; Welcome! Every Thursday, I take a look at a Disney film and share meaningful quotes while dissecting the lessons to learn from these classic films. It’s been my goal to go in order of film release which would put our third installment at Fantasia. Unfortunately, this epic movie lacks in quotes, but more so inspires with melodic music and a score that is timeless. Nevertheless, I encourage readers to dig up their copies of Fantasia and immerse yourself in colorful animation and storytelling through sound.

Since I didn’t really have quotes for Fantasia, we are continuing right along with the next classic cranked out by Walt Disney and his animators; Dumbo. The story of an elephant who was delivered by stork to his mom and had a very unique feature that made him different from other elephants; incredibly large ears. Originally, Dumbo was named Jumbo Junior, but after other elephants relentlessly teased, he became known as Dumbo. Dumbo had a faithful sidekick and companion in the form of Timothy Q. Mouse after his mother was jailed for trying to protect Dumbo. Timothy in a sense became Dumbo’s protector and only friend.

Although the story has a resonating message of love and protection between mother and child which is a favorite motif to splash all over baby nurseries and other Disney baby décor; the life lessons to be taken from this story are of immense resilience in the face of adversity.

The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up.  ― Timothy Mouse

This quote teaches a lesson that we often find ourselves learning at every stage of life; simply stated – embrace what makes you different. In the movie Dumbo’s ears were a source of ridicule among the other elephants, but boy oh boy when those ears got going did Dumbo do some amazing things that brought shock and awe from the very same people who put him down. Watching this movie always makes me think about how differences whether external or personality wise are often ridiculed today in society. When I think about how this movie was released in 1941 and I compare the message to the world we live in now, the challenges of overcoming adversity and bullying ring true whether it was rampant in 40’s or even now when we struggle to create a culture of acceptance and tolerance. Maybe Walt being the visionary he was knew that the world would continue to face these challenges of perception even with the advancement of society, that some things could not really evolve regardless of how technology has changed the landscape of the world. We read all of these stories of children facing bullying and when I see that, it breaks my heart. I see this quote and I think that in those moments when anyone is feeling like they can’t get ahead; these words are motivation to keep pushing forward. Maybe Timothy Mouse was on to something that needs to make a comeback for anyone struggling, truly just remember these words and remember how Dumbo’s life changed when he embraced what made him different.

Don’t just fly; soar – Dumbo

Truly one of my favorite quotes of any Walt Disney film. If you’re going to do something, do it to the fullest. We all have such potential within us, and when we put 100% into anything, we can accomplish so much. There isn’t much more to dissect in this quote, but it really is a life lesson that also provides motivation. I wholeheartedly believe Walt and his animators created stories that were meant to inspire and what better inspiration than believing in giving your all.

What else inspires you from the movie Dumbo Main Streeters? Please share with us!



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