Walt Disney World Monorail System

December 14, 2017 ,

Who loves the Monorail?


One of the most iconic ‘attractions’ at Disney parks is the monorail system. With around 50 million riders a year, it is one of the most heavily used monorail systems in the world. On a recent trip to WDW, I was curious how the trains in use were selected for the day, so I spoke to one the station cast members and got some interesting information about the monorail.

There are currently 12 monorails: red, coral, orange, gold, yellow, teal, lime, green, blue, silver, black, and peach. There is no rhyme or reason to how the monorails are selected for the day. According to the cast member, the engineers just select a train and put it in service. I also learned that some of the cast members that work on the monorail platform are also monorail pilots. They rotate in 30 minute shifts; 30 minutes on the platform and 30 minutes piloting the monorail. In terms of a favorite monorail track, most pilots prefer the Epcot loop, especially at night.

They also shared that live testing would be taking place that week for the automated monorail system. With this new system, the trains would be driverless, however, a pilot would be in the cab and have an override system in case of an emergency.

Do you enjoy riding the monorails? What is your favorite color monorail?

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