Disneyland Suspends Sale For New Annual Passes

Disneyland Suspends Sale For New Annual Passes 1

According to the LA Times, Disneyland Resort has temporarily stopped new sales of its Southern California Annual Pass. This is one of the least expensive pass options for locals. The passes, which were priced at $469 each, were available only to residents of Southern California.

Disneyland spokesperson Suzi Brown explained that the reason was to help manage crowds, stating “We continuously seek the appropriate balance that helps manage demand for our product and allows us to deliver a world-class experience for all guests.” Existing passholders will be able to renew their passes, but no new passes will be sold for the foreseeable future.

Although the action seems drastic, this isn’t the first time Disney has suspended new sales of the pass. In 2014, new sales of the Southern California Annual Passport were halted due to an increase in attendance which lead to long lines, especially on Sundays. Although the annual pass isn’t currently available, Southern California residents can still buy the Southern California Select Passport that allows access to the park for only about 150 days a year, excluding weekends, holidays, spring break, and most of the summer for $339.

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