Fountain of Nation

Besides Spaceship Earth, one focal point in Epcot is the Fountain of Nations. The 180ft x 120ft fountain, located in Innoventions Plaza, opened with the park on October 24, 1982. At the opening, representatives from countries around the world traveled to Epcot with a container of water from their native land. The water was then poured into the fountain during the dedication. A total of 25 bodies of water representing 29 nations were added (the Senagambi River in Africa represented 8 countries). The Mississippi River was used to represent the United States. The only nation featured in the World Showcase not represented in the fountain water is Norway.

The fountain holds 149,000 gallons of water and over 30,000 gallons cascade down the tiers every minute. There are over 200 spouts, that can shoot as high as 150 ft in the air, that create the water ballet. The programming to design the fountain performances took over 3 months. If all of the spouts were activated at the same time, there would be 2,000 gallons of water in the air! There are also over 1,000 colored lights that are used during evening performances.

Performances take place every 15 minutes and have musical selections that include songs from Rescuers Down Under and The Rocketeer, and feature musicians such as John Tesh and Yanni.

If you are looking for a beautiful display of water and a few minutes to sit and relax, grab a bench and take in all that the Fountain of Nations has to offer.

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