The Chosen Ones ~ Tips to be one of the lucky selections!

The Chosen One at Disney has many different meanings. From opening the park, to being the family of the day, or being selected to participate in a show, there are many things at the Walt Disney World parks that you can be chosen for. Are you curious about how these special guests are selected? Cast Members at the parks randomly select guests/families to participate in these events. However, there are some tips that may help you to become one of the lucky selections!


Park Opener

  • Arrive early – if you would like to be selected as the family to open the park, it’s wise to get there early – usually an hour or more before opening time
  • Be on the lookout – The CM’s walk around and look for families that are excited to be there
  • Chat It Up – talk with the CM’s working the turnstiles before the park opens
  • Ask – it never hurts to ask if a selection has already been made

*If selected as the family that opens the MK, you get pictures taken and get to select 1 picture to take home at no charge. You also get to ride down Main Street USA and take pictures in front of the castle before the park opens. If selected at AK, you get to ride the safari first and get pictures*

Flag Retreat Ceremony

  • Arrive early – a veteran for this ceremony is chosen in the morning even though the ceremony doesn’t take place until 5pm
  • Wear distinctive military apparel
  • Ask – again, it never hurts to swing by City Hall and see if a selection has been made

*If selected as the veteran to participate, you get a certificate, photo taken of the event, and a pin*


  • Depending on the show, it’s always best to be enthusiastic and energetic
  • Always follow the instructions given. If told to jump up and down, then jump up and down in the best possible way!
  • For children shows (Crush’s Turtle Talk, etc.) – seat them in the middle and have them follow the rules. Most require raised hands to be selected
  • For shows like Monsters Laugh Floor, it’s completely random!

Random Selections

  • The infamous Red Card – Don’t know what the red card is? Well, it’s a magnetic card that cast members give to a guest who is entering a ride/attraction queue. The guest will then give it to a cast member at the end of the line. The card is used to track the wait times so they can be accurately displayed for other guests
  • Ride an attraction with a character – this does happen but there is no way to determine when. Characters, like the stepsisters, will come out at random times and ride the carousel. There really is no way of increasing your chance of this happening because the characters decided randomly when they want to ride

Of course, this list is not all inclusive as there are many event and attractions that guests are selected for. Have you ever been The Chosen One? Tell us about your experience!

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