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Howdy partners! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fan favorite and must do at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Who’s ready to learn more about the wildest ride in the Wilderness?

  • Opened November 15, 1980
  • Took 15 years of planning
  • Construction was put on hold to build Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Also located in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris
  • Town is called Tumbleweed (Rainbow Ridge in Disneyland and Thunder Mesa in DL Paris)
  • Station buildings are designed to look like abandoned offices of a mining company
  • One of the first rides to utilize computer aided design which creates a smoother ride
  • 4,000 gallons of paint to make the rocks look realistic
  • Track is 2,780 feet long
  • Takes up 2.5 acres in Magic Kingdom
  • Top speed of 36 mph
  • Ride lasts 3 minutes 26 seconds
  • Designed to resemble Arizona’s Monument Valley
  • Image of Barnabas T. Bullion, the founder & President of Big Thunder Mining Company is actually Tony Baxter, an Imagineer that played a big part in the ride
  • Mining equipment located around the attraction is real antique equipment
  • There are 6 total trains with unique names: I. B. Hearty, I. M. Fearless, U. B. Bold, U. R. Daring, I. M. Brave, U. R. Courageous
  • The safety announcement is voiced by the same actor that played Ben Franklin in the American Adventure in Epcot
  • The sounds of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can be heard in the mine cart chase sequence in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom in 1984

Do you ride the rootinest, tootinest ride when you visit?

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