Big Thunder Mountain Can Cure Kidney Stones?

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Suffering from kidney stones? Well, a trip to Disney may just be what the doctor ordered. According to The Atlantic magazine, Dr. David Wartinger, a urological surgeon from East Lansing, Michigan, noticed that over the years: “anecdotal reports from patients who had passed small kidney stones during and immediately after visiting the Disney theme parks.”

The magazine reported: One particular gentleman really inspired Wartinger. The man rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and then passed a small stone. Then he did it again and passed another. And then another. “That was just too powerful to ignore,” Wartinger said. “I’d been hearing these anecdotal stories for a couple years, and then I thought, okay, there’s really something here.”

To further prove his point, Wartinger and a colleague did an informal study at WDW. Using a 3-D printed silicone ‘kidney’ filled with real stones, they boarded Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, rode 60 times, and found that 63% of the time, the stones passed when riding in the rear of the train car but only a 16% passage rate when riding in the front of the train car.

While this may happen on any roller coaster, it’s a great excuse to head to Disney!

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