Attention Foodies!

Disney is known for keeping secrets about the parks from guests, with everything from the exact color of Mickey’s shorts to passage ways remaining unknown. But secret menu items? Yes, Disney even has secret menu items. If we tell you about them, you have to promise not to tell!

Let’s talk about the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. If you’re up to this challenge, bring your appetite, your wallet, and some family/friends and head to Pecos Bills between 3pm – 6pm and place your order for the secret nachos. You will be escorted by a group of Cast Members, who ring a cowbell and make an announcement of your order, to a reserved table. Once you are seated, the Cast Members will bring you pitchers of drinks (your choice, non-alcoholic) and then, they arrive. By they, I mean the HUGE platter of nachos with all the fixings.

For a price tag of $90, the nachos feed between 6-8 people (or more) depending on appetite. The price also includes unlimited toppings and a cast member available to you throughout your meal. For taking the challenge, everyone in your party receive an official certificate, cowboy hat, and sheriffs badge.

Once you’ve tackled the nachos for dinner, it’s time for dessert right? Absolutely! Then head on over to Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge and take on the 10-Gallon Challenge. Of course, it’s not actually 10 gallons, but it is served in a ‘ten gallon’ cowboy hat and might make you feel like you gained 10 pounds when you finish!

What deliciousness is actually in this dessert? Everything but the kitchen sink! It includes scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, a banana (cut in half), Oreos, Mickey Mouse shaped cookies, toasted marshmallows, two pieces of chocolate covered bacon (that sold me!), pineapple, strawberry, and caramel sauces, a vanilla cupcake, a chocolate cupcake, whipped cream, two huge brownies, and if that isn’t enough, it also has a slice of apple pie and is topped with cherries and sprinkles. All for $27. That’s quite a deal for a dessert that can be shared by at least 4 people!

Now you know our secret. Are you up for the challenge? Worried about the calories? Don’t worry, calories don’t count at Disney anyway! Until next time, I bid you good eating! Please note that these are secret items and may not be available at all times. Also, the dining plan is not accepted for purchase of these challenges.

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