Excitement Outside Of The Parks, #3 Is So Cool!!!

For those looking for extra adventure!

Disney is a place that is full of excitement! Some may crave a little more excitement…a way to live on the edge a little. Are you looking for something to get your motor running a bit more than Space Mountain? Well, we have just the activities for you to try!

  1. Boat Rental – From mini-boats (sprites), bot Boston Whaler Montauks, to pontoon boats, Disney has your boat rental needs covered. Captain one of these boats to get practice for your retirement gig driving a boat for Disney!
  2. Parasailing – Yes, you can parasail at Disney! You can go solo or fly with another as you soar 450 feet above Bay Lake with spectacular views of Magic Kingdom without ever having to get wet! Grab your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery!
  3. Tubing – How much fun would it be to ride along Bay Lake with the wind in your hair and water splashing up in your face? Now you can! You control the type of ride you have, from tame to insane on this 2 hour adventure!
  4. Wake Boarding – Another experience on Bay Lake, this intense experience is one-of-a-kind! Shred through the water behind a ski boat like a champ! And experience isn’t necessary. Lessons are included!
  5. Personal Watercraft Rentals – We mentioned the sprites that can be rented, but did you know you can rent a personal watercraft? Get a new view of Bay Lake and its surroundings on this guided tour. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, venture off to the private riding area set up just for the personal watercrafts. Be sure to look out for some native wildlife along the way!
  6. Water Skiing – No snow needed! Skim across beautiful Bay Lake on this adrenaline-filled adventure. And don’t worry if you haven’t skied before! Lessons are included!

What is your favorite water activity at Disney?

*Prices, ages, and availability vary based on adventure*

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